Hydropower from Old Washing Machines - don't toss that Whirlpool!

dragonfly_wingsMay 24, 2009

OK. ItÂs New Zealand, not Australia. But this company called EcoInnovation still reminds you a little bit of Road Warrior. Founder and chief engineer Michael Lawley has built his "renewable energy store" on the ingenious redeployment of everyday household appliances.

Among other things, the company recycles SmartDrive motors from salvaged washing machines to generate hydropower. Of course, you need to be near a river or stream.

Yes, micro-hydro turbines that can tap into the movement of medium flowing streams and turn a turbine that can deliver most of the electrical requirements of a small home.

Lawley says the company has been able to recycle the motors from salvaged domestic washing machines - aka Whirlpool. The company claims its already made 1,000 successful installations of its micro-hydro device as well as wind and solar power systems.

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Looks like we'll soon be generating some of our domestic/commercial electricity via tiny hydro turbines embedded in pipes.

Three examples:

SA Water is now recovering energy from the River Murray, thanks to innovative hydro electric technology at SA WaterÂs Hope Valley Terminal Storage tank site in AdelaideÂs north east.

A joint venture between SA Water and Hydro Tasmania has resulted in the development of a mini-hydro plant capable of producing electricity from the flow of water in large water mains.

The Hope Valley mini-hydro turbine came on-line in 2003 and is powered by water as it flows through the pipes from the Anstey Hill storage tanks in the Adelaide Hills into the Hope Valley Terminal Storage tank.

The mini-hydro diverts the water to flow from pressure dissipater valves through a turbine located within a powerhouse where water jets drive the turbine buckets causing the "runner" to spin. This kinetic energy is transformed into electricity - supplied into the grid via a high voltage connection.

The mini-hydro plant is designed to produce up to 7000 megawatt hours per year or enough electricity to power 1000 homes. This will reduce carbon emissions by more than 8000 tonnes - equivalent to taking about 1900 cars off the road.

SA Water is continuing to explore mini-hydro opportunities for the future.



The micro-hydro news just keeps getting weirder: Bridgeport, Connecticut's water company is launching a project to "transform excess pressure in water pipes into electricity by using a new microturbine technology."



Jin Woo Han's Faucet Mini Hydro Generator

The device would capture the "free" energy of your tap to spin a little generator. It can be attached to the end of your faucet or between two pipes.

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