Help-!! Ink on leather couch

syakOctober 4, 2002

I need help. I found ink marks from a pen on our leather couch. What can I do to get it out? I tried a little soap and water, desolve it (even though it wasn't recommended)and quick and brite. Nothing is working. I am not sure how long the ink has been there. I can't imagine it being there for more than a couple of days without us noticing it.

Does anyone have any idea that won't ruin the couch? The couch is a light color beige but the ink marks are on top where you can see it.



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I have always had good success with hair spray. I don't think it would hurt the leather but try first in an inconspicous place. Spray it and wait a minute and then rub it off.

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Thanks for the tip. I tried it. One of the marks got lighter and I think if I keep working on it maybe it will get even lighter. The darker one isn't cooperating as much.
I will keep trying though.

Thanks for your help.


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Have you tried goof off or goo gone? They are usually good at taking out ink. Check an inconspicous area of the couch first to see that it doesn't damage the leather. If all else fails try a baby wipe. Those things work wonders and probably won't harm the leather.

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The furniture store where we bought our leather couch gave us a Bottle of Ink Away when they saw our 3 kids.

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