my old vhs to dvd

Orang44August 20, 2012

I would like to copy my leagle paid for, commercial copy protected VHS tapes to DVD-R.

I have a DVR, but get the copy protected message. I fully understand, and respect, the protection laws and making illeagel copies, but this is not the case, i just want to protect my big library.Is there any inexpensive device I can to apply to the decision of this problem?

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If there was such a device, what would be the point of copy protection in the first place? If the tapes are that important to you, I would go out and buy 1 (or two) new VCRs while you still can & then you'll be able to enjoy your tapes for several more years.

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i agree with the opinion above it.

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1. It is legal to make a back up of your tape; if you make a DVD from your VHS tape, I believe you would have to keep your tape as evidence that you legally own the rights to make a backup of the VHS original.
2. A device called Video CopyMaster was sold (a few years ago) that corrected the video stream. It was around $50.
3. That said, the quality of a VHS tape conversion is absolutely inferior to a purchased DVD.

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