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joel_bcMay 23, 2004

Hi. First I want to say that part of what prompts this post is that the GardenWeb and NatureNet forums that Spike has created and developed are in my experience the easiest and most enjoyable forums to use, on the Web.

Secondly, this new renewable-energy forum offers a place to discuss very important issues, and also practicalities that may be significant in the individual lives of people here.

I believe that many of you may know more about the practical applications and the nuts & bolts of some of these technologies than I do. I've found some discussions on the Usenet that are very wise and very technical, but not everyone uses the Usenet, to be sure. So here is my idea:

Those of you who have immersed yourselves in the theoretical and practical aspects of the renewable-energy technologies that are currently within reach (or rapidly emerging) might think of extending a welcome to your own energy informants and gurus. I can conceive of this forum becoming a place where real details, solid practical advice, is shared -- as is the case in GW forums like Trees, Ponds, and others.

A little bit of personal P.R. effort might yield a lot. What say?


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Sounds like a good idea.

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