Recycling Glazed Solar Panels for Pool?

nziegler773May 8, 2006

We have four 4x8 glazed solar panels that were once used for hot water heating but are no longer used. I was wondering if they could be used to supplement heating in a 20'x40'swimming pool? I read somewhere on this forum that you cannot run pool water through the copper pipes and need a heat exchanger. Would it be worth it if we had to buy a heat exchanger? How long do glazed solar panels last and is there a way to find out if ours still have life left in them?

I hate to throw them away if there is another good use for them and sure do hate paying that propane bill every summer!

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Thank you for your response, Gary. It may be more trouble than it is worth for heating the pool.

I am intrigued by the comment that you made about solar space heating. We are currently using electric heat in the garage apartment on top of which these units are installed. If I bought a heat exchanger and a fan unit, could I hook these panels up for solar heat? I am assuming that there is a pump somewhere that was associated with the solar hot water system... or would that have been in the hot water tank? The space in the garage apartment is only about 350 sq feet. Would four 4'x8' panels produce enough heat to make an impact in this space? Gee, I would be very happy just to make a good dent in the electric bill!

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I really like this idea. I contacted a local company who does work with solar systems and they approximated the following costs: $1,200 for a 125 gal water tank, $1,000 for plumbing and controller, $400 for a heat exchanger... $2,600 total minus 30% federal tax rebate. Do these costs sound reasonable? My husband could probably do most of this, but I know that he does not have the time and it would never get done. I wish I knew how many watts we are using to heat the space now so I could figure out the cost/benefit and determine if it is worth it! I think that it may pay for itself over a period of time, but I am not sure.

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