plasma: short lived?

oruborisAugust 14, 2007

I've read 4 pages of plasma v. lcd debates, without finding what I'm looking for...

I seem to remember reading, when plasma was new, that the screens had a pretty short life. Got dimmer and dimmer as time went on, didn't last more than a couple of years.

Was this ever true, and is it still? My TV tends to be on for a lot of hours every day, and this could be a major factor choosing between LCD and plasma...

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the best plasmas are the ones from pionneer elite(very pricey)i think they can last somewhere around 65000 hours now (not absolutley sure),and the best lcd's are the sharp aquos.I believe that the plasmas can't put out a 1080p hd picture yet ,but the sharp lcd can.I personally would go for an lcd ,both technologies have their own faults,but the image burn in on the plasmas is enough for me to go with an lcd.

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Neither Plasma TV's or LCD TV's have had any kind of reliability issues. Much of that reliability and short panel life talk was started by salespeople who were pressured by their bosses to sell extended warranty policies. At this point it has become an urban legend.

Most TV mfgrs say that their panel TV's are lasting longer, and with less repairs, than their tube or projection TV's.

The average plasma tv is rated to last around 15 years and the average tube tv was only rated for 12. And it is true that plasma TV's picture dims with age, so does every tube tv.

netlos, Pioneer Elite has had a 50" 1080p plasma monitor on the market for about 1 year now with the model PROFHD1. It is now discontinued and Pioneer Elite will have both a 50" and a 60" 1080p plasma sets this year.

Image burn in was an issue on the first generation or so of plasma TV's. But that is pretty much a non-issue today. The plasma tv mfgrs have utilized a number of technological advancements to make it that way. You can still have image retention but it will go away in a few minutes.

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Right about now the Samsung LN-T4081F, LN-T4681F and LN-T5281F are hitting the stores. If you can hold out for one do so. It's suppose to be one of the best LCD's when it comes to the color black with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio.

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My plasma is five years old. Still has an excellent picture.

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Applemac: where'd you hear about those? Any links/suggestions where I could learn more?

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Right now it's hard to find the info on the net but Crutchfield some info up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crutchfield

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Almost everyone will buy a new plasma or LCD before the old one gives up the ghost. While Sony and Samsung have greatly improved their black levels on LCD's, they still aren't in the same league as Pioneer or Panasonic. Panasonic now has 1080p plasma in 42", 50", 58", and 65". Pioneer is releasing their 42", 50", and 60" 1080p's within the next month or two. I've seen the Panny 50" and 58" 1080p and they are both excellent. Heck, last years Pioneer 5070 720p and their newer 5080 720p have incredible pictures, particularly if you aren't watching on top of the tv. Pioneer will be releqasing their 1080p's in both the Pioneer line and the more glitzy and refined Pioneer Elite.

Even the best LCD's in 1080p won't have the same great blacks as these plasmas. Then again, you will find some LCD's that are better in the black department than cheaper plasmas.

I have both types in my house--I use a Sony 40" XBR4 LCD in my bedroom and a Panasonic 58" 1080p in my media room. Both are excellent, but the Panny still holds the edge--significantly. A 32" or 40" Sony or Samsung (some like Sharp) are great for bedrooms or bright viewing areas.


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Pioneer isn't going to have a 42" 1080p set this year.

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I recently bought a plasma. The salesman said the only difference worth mentioning was.....the LCD shows less glare from the windows, the Plasma show more, but the plasmas have sharper pictures. I bought plasma because I have to close the shades anyway because of the window locations. I don't notice the glare at all. I bought it at a family business and he cleared up a lot of conflicting information I had been hearing.

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