Braided Rug Color

catlover_ksOctober 18, 2005

Hi all,

I bought a braided rug on eBay--one of those 8x10 oval ones that are made from remnants at the factory. I ordered from a seller who showed pictures of the actual rug you were buying but apparently my monitor colors did not adequately reflect the colors of the rug. There are three wide "stripes" (braided sections) that looked like a light peach-beige in the picture that turned out to be lime green. The rug is fine, but the lime green sections are driving me crazy. I brewed some really strong tea today and tried to dye the lime green sections but, being made of remnants of all different materials, I think the sections I want to dye are some dye-resistant material (olefin???). I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I can change the color of those sections of the rug. I don't want to do anything with bleach because I am afraid other sections might absorb it. If I can get the lime green sections to a neutral color it won't matter if a little runs into the adjacent sections because they are sort of mottled/neutral colors also. I can't return the rug. I am getting used to it but it would be much, much better if I could get rid of the lime green. I appreciate any suggestions about this. Thanks in advance.

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Check the reponses on the Decorating Forum.

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