Weekly Weigh-in 05-31-10

silverswordJune 1, 2010

Good morning everyone!!!

How did Memorial day treat you? Other than eating two pieces of cake I did pretty well :)

135 this am. Hope everyone has a good week!

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will post to-morrow on my weigh-in day.

Thanks silversword.

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Hi Silversword, harold and Ivamae

I have been away from this forum for a while. I am back now. Glad to see Silversword again !!!

Coming to my weight , last time when I posted weight few months back, it was 129 and I was pretty toned. Today I weight 130 but has lot of flab now. I will start counting my calories from today and try my best to work out for atleast 15 minutes:-) Need to lose lot of weight .. Mini goal is 124 :-))))))))))


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Well, I'm doing the happy dance this morning. Lost 1.5 pounds. Back now to the 152.5 Hope it doesn't go up again. I'm trying to drink more fluids and have been able to walk quite a bit more, even if not the 10,000 steps. Yesteday was the most ever and it was a bit over 7,000

All the best to everyone.

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Hmm, well I'm weighing in at 181 this week. I blame it on the hot weather causing more water retention. No, that's a lie, I've been snacking a little too much. I've done better the last couple of days, though, keeping my calories under 2000. Should be better results next week.

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Well, I dropped below that dark line of 135 and hit 134 yesterday and today.

Been eating regularly, did not go to gym this week, but have done a ton of heavy yard work/gardening...

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Hurray Ivamae & Silversword! "Weigh" to go!
Harold, you are very disciplined; you already id'd the problem and I think that's half the battle anyway. No doubt next week will bring better results.

I don't weigh yet, but i wanted to pop in to cheer everyone on.

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