We went through a tornado, lots of ???

GigGhee_IndyOctober 7, 2002

We had a tornado Friday, the 20th of September. I'm just now getting back on line and just couldn't wait to ask you questions about all of this. The tornado was nothing compared to dealing with insurance and a contractor. I have so many questions. Have any of you been through this kind of thing before. I sure do need your wise counsel... please.We are fine and so are our 2 Scotties but now the problems are starting.

Gig Ghee

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Write your questions down and don't be afraid to ask. Take pictures of the damages. If you haven't done it already, hopefully prior to the tornado, itemize your personal contents that were lost. Claims can be reopened if something comes up down the road.
Are you in your home? Keep reciepts of everything you have had to purchase, even your meals if you are not in your home and have been forced elsewhere. Details are so important.
Glad to hear that you and your family are ok.
Check licenses on your contractors. The last thing you want is to have work done by a contractor from another state. When there is a catastophe, some contractors are like ambulance chasing lawyers. They will find damage that doesn't exist or make it.

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