reducing cost to run geothermal loop

sniffdogMay 28, 2008

I was wondering if it would makes sense to control the loop field pump with an external temperature sensor so that the pump would not circuluate when the outside air temp was above (or below) the temperture settings of the house thermostats. E.g. if the AC is set to come on at 78, and the outside air temp is 65 - why have the GT loop pump running?

It seems like a waste of energy to have the loop pump circulating continuously even when there is no chance of the heat or AC coming on inside the house. Has anyone with a GT system tried this? Was it worth the time and expense?


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Your solution is very simple. The circulating pump should be fed off of the same relay that energizes the compressor; when the compressor runs, so does the circulating pump  end of story  EXCEPT  make sure your circulating fluid has the PROPER antifreeze mix to prevent freezing!


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