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tikanisJune 7, 2010

It's Monday already! Wake up and smell the coffee!

Are we all refreshed and ready for the week?

Maddie, has summer school started yet?

Marci, what's on your agenda for the 2nd week of summer?

Donna, puppy pics, please!

Raeanne, what's up??

Suzanne, did you finish with the "north forty"? lol!

Milkdud, Jan, Patty, it's been awhile. Please catch us up!

It was a great weekend here! I tried out my new wet suit and paddling gear on an all day paddle; morning skills class and an afternoon past the breakwaters in the largest small craft marina in the US. It was a blast! Sea lions played between our boats, pelicans, cranes observing from the rocks.

I had plans to go to a movie Saturday night, but was so pooped out from the day that I fell asleep watching the Dodger game on tv instead! Ha Ha!

Sunday, I played catch up with my errands and household stuff.

Today I am working from home, trying to learn all I can to be a good Home Health director and prepare for Survey, all the while keeping my own business, patient care visits, paperwork, up to date.

And that's all the news that's fit to print! : )


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Good morning again,

Tikanis, we both started the thread this morning! Great minds think alike!

NO, I did not even get the chance to work on the north forty. It was planting weekend at DFIL's farm. Worked all day Saturday in intense heat and humidity, had dinner and fell into bed. Back at the farm on Sunday but it was pouring so no planting or mowing at my house! Grrrrr Now I will have to work every night this week to get caught up!
Sure has been a great year so far for growing grass/hay!

I need another vacation!

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Good MONDAY morning!

Suzanne, your trip sounded so awesome! Glad you got away and had your say. :)

Thanks for getting us started, Tikanis!

Our trip to DR was fabulous! My DSD looked so beautiful, and the 19 of us had so much fun, it's almost impossible to describe. DH cried when he turned to see his daughter up on that beach, and he looked so handsome as he walked her down to the ocean. It was magical, and I wish all my friends and family (you guys included!) could have shared the moment. They both have such wonderful friends, who mentioned how happy they were that we all get along (DH's ex and her husband). I suppose it's not always like that, but I'm so glad that I was given the opportunity to be a part of such a lovely time.

Gotta run, as I'm working from home, but waiting for an A/C repairman to show up. We came home to a very stuffy house!!


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Moving this for Ivamae as she posted at my start up.

* Posted by ivamae (My Page) on
Mon, Jun 7, 10 at 12:37

I've been wondering where everyone is as well. I know it is summer, almost, but we need this forum, don't we? I know I do and am so pleased to have found it awhile ago.

Fairly quiet week-end here. I'm so glad we missed the tornado that hit between us and Windsor area.

It is a beautiful day to-day. Hope it continues.

Wishing everyone the best and please anyone who weighs in, don't forget to post as well.

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Welcome back, Dee Marie! The wedding sounds just lovely. I think that it is exceptional the way you all get along as well! What a credit to you and a blessing for the newly married couple. I hope the AC guy fixed your problem. It will be hot here today, as well.

Ivamae, do you get tornadoes often in your area? I always think of them as mid-west events. I hope that your nice weather holds up. And yes, we DO need this forum! I miss everyone when they aren't here.

Suzanne, how do you get it all DONE???!! I hope this week is not too hard on you. You will need another vacation, alright!

I worked 16 hours in my office yesterday, getting ready for the JACHO Survey for the new agency. I have to go to the site today to sign a stack of papers equivalent to the size of War and Peace, then off to supervise a Home Health Aide visit, schedule an LVN supervisory visit and finish my own paperwork! Maybe tomorrow I can do some actual PATIENT CARE!!! Ha Ha!

I hope everyone has a nice and productive day!


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Good Tuesday,

Sounds like you had a lovely time Dee! You never told us how you got your dress down. Did you ship it ahead?

We had a super cell/tornado fly through here Sunday. The damage in one small neighboring town is staggering! We got nothing. So strange.

Tikanis, I mowed until 8:30 last night. I did the biggest field first so maybe the rest will seem more manageable. I am supposed to be able to keep up with this but the weather has been perfect for growing hay/grass. Not many years so perfect around here. You had a super long day yesterday - sounds like mine although thankfully it's not all in my office.

Okay you MIA's I am really missing you all. Where are you all?

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Good Morning from a rainy and chilly Western PA. It is only 57º right now. I am going to be forced to stay in and clean my house today! LOL

DeeMarie - The wedding sounded sooooo romantic. Any pictures you could share with us?

Speaking of pictures, I have been playing around with my camera and my scrapbooking software. I started an album for my great niece, did a couple pictures for my sister, and now I am working on some nature collages for me. It is so nice to have time to "play" on the computer instead of working on it.

My strawberry plants were prolific this season and I have been enjoying the "fruits of my labor".

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Hi all!

Tikanis, yes, I started back yesterday, and will go until the first week of August. I've got an anatomy class and a psych class this time. The anatomy class is going to be hard, but cool. We're dissecting a bunch of stuff, and then we're traveling to a local medical school to observe an autopsy. (I think I'll bring a bib, and a knife and fork to mess with our prof before we go. Maybe a bottle of hot sauce as well! LOLOL!) The psych class is in an area that is under going renovations, and we don't have AC, and it.is.miserable. And, it was only 83 yesterday. We have a box fan going, but that makes it hard to hear him. I recorded the lecture, but all I can hear is an occassional words or two, and the droning of the fan. Ahh, well. :) Good luck on the survey; I've been worked on one before, and it was sooo stressful. And how cool to be that close to sea lions!

Suzanne, gosh,you're got your plate full! I'd love to follow you around for a week, and see SP and the clucking girls! :)

Deemarie, the wedding sounds like it was lovely! I'm very glad that things went wonderfully. :)

Ivamae, I agree. We do need this forum. I've been here since '98, and I can't imagine not being here and talking to everyone. These ladies truly are my sisters. :)

Yeah, where is BJ? Amy? Jen? Besh? Hheellllooo....



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it's hump day! We are 1/2 way there : )

Got to the home health office yesterday at 6:30 AM and guess what??? The unannounced survey began at 8:00 AM!! Nerve wracking, indeed, but DAY 1 went off without a hitch. Our surveyor is a real sweetheart and that made all the difference in the world. Today the surveyor will make a home visit with one of my nurses and a Home Health Aide. Tomorrow she'll be grilling me about leadership and visiting patients with ME.

Say prayers, please!!

Marci, those berries make my mouth water! So glad that you are having and enjoying some free time. happy house cleaning!

Maddie, I had a summer class once with the same heat/ air issues. We all made separate appointments to talk to the department head to discuss the problem ( distraction, inability to hear lecture,etc) and our class was moved to another building. LOVE the bib and eating utensil gag!!

Gotta go, don't want to keep SURVEYORS waiting!!


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Good Wednesday all,

Marci, those berries look so good! I am envious. I want a patch but haven't done it yet. I have enough on my plate right now. Anytime you want to visit NH let me know. I would love to have you follow me around and you could meet all the critters.

Tikanis, saying my prayers! I know it will go well and seamlessly. I mowed until 8:30 again last night. If I am lucky I will get to do the new pasture and chicken park tonight before the rain moves in. Even if I get the new pasture done I will be lucky. The chicken park is well, a walk in the park! LOL mowing, mowing, mowing...

I realize how boring I am. All I have been talking about is mowing! LOL Actually, my chiropractor came over this morning to work on Sweet Pea. I sure hope he can help her she is so stiff from being in pain for so long. Sure can't hurt.

Yeah, MIA's BJ, Besh, Amy, Milkdud, Jan, Jen, John, Raeanne!! Who else, oh Patty. I think we have lost dear Patty to FB forever. Check in everyone.

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Mowing, mowing, mowing....sung to the tune of rawhide...rolling,rolling,rolling.

My goal was in sight tonight. In spite of the showers I was determined to get the new pasture mowed. I was half way there thinking about what I would do with my spare time this weekend. Then, I hit a rock! I managed to get the mower all the way back to the house with parts hanging out everywhere! Now, I must figure out how to get it to the repair shop. DH is on the road of course. LOL It figures. Sigh...

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Happy Thursday!

[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]] Hope you get back-on-track soon. I feel your frustration with trying to get a project completed. I have several around my home that need DH's attention, and he is either working, fishing, or walking his daughter down the beach!

Maddie, you are so full of energy lately. Best of luck; wish I were that young again. LOL

Tikanis, wishing you well with your survey. Nothing like a little stress to keep you alert, eh?

Marci, those berries look de-lish! DH and I were talking this morning about his Father's Day plans. His DDs usually spend the day with him, and they start out going strawberry picking at a farm about 50 miles away out toward PA. Then we all go to brunch on the way home and spend the rest of the day eating berries until we are sick! They have picked berries with their dad since they were tiny toddlers (his eldest just turned 30).

Hello to Raeanne, BJ, Besh, Jen, Patty, Gretchen, Milkdud, Wodka, Ivamae, John, and all I've missed here. Please check in.

Smile! You use lots of muscles in that pretty face!

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Last leg of Survey today! Hurray! So far, so good!
Thanks for all of the prayers and good wishes...

Dee, what a great Father's Day tradition. Your hubby is a lucky man.

Suzanne, "mowin, mowin, mowin, keep that mower mowin" (singing right along with you.) You were on a roll there till that thing fell apart! It MUST be a sign! : )

I will indeed remember to smile today (thanks DeeMarie!)


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Good Friday all,

TGIF. I wish it were 5 pm right now!

What is everyone up to this weekend? I hope to get things in the gardens in order, start packing for my trip to Acadia next weekend, and dare I say, mow some more!

Check in everyone.

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It's Friday, YAHOO!

What sort of trip are you off to Suzanne? At first glance, I thought you'd said ARcadia, which is right next door to me!

Joint Commission Accreditation Survey is over!! And we passed with flying colors! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited, relieved and EXHAUSTED I am. I am proud that we did so well. What a great team of people I have to work with! Hats off to the agency owner who has a heart for patient care and truly puts the patient before the dollar, a rare thing to see today...

Today, it's back to my own caseload. I have kept the load light though, as I really need the down time this weekend. This morning, one of my two best friends is flying in from Oregon and we're off to breakfast.

I haven't had time to even THINK about the weekend yet!

Happy Friday, everyone!!


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Congrats Tikanis!! I knew it would have a stellar ending. You won't get much rest with a best friend flying in LOL enjoy.

I am off on the 20th for my annual trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Unfortunately, I cannot take Sweet Pea to drive on the carriage roads and part of it is breaking my heart. Casey will have a great time but she isn't a carriage horse so we will be riding only. It's so gorgeous up there.

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Oh Suzanne, I loved Acadia National Park. We went there in 2008 and last September on a cruise. So beautiful! Enjoy!

Congratulations to Tikanis! We all had faith in you, so enjoy your weekend.

QOD: I've got to buy 2 baby shower gifts tomorrow morning. I was invited to a shower last week that I could not attend, and there is one this Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning there is a special Mass in my MIL's church for my dearly departed FIL. Later that evening, DH and I pick up the newlyweds at the airport. :-)

For those of you on FB, please let me know if you are having problems. I'm not able to access my Home Page and not sure what to do about it. Getting an "error on page" message.

Enjoy whatever the weekend has in store for you.

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