Free Hot Water??

garymunson-2008May 18, 2008

For over 20 years, in several different houses, I've used a heat recovery units on my Heat Pump (in central Florida). My new house has a 13 SEER 3.5 ton heat pump and the HRU delivers all the hot water my family can use (I put in a 80 gallon water heater as a retrospect I probably should have gotten a 120). Anyone have any comments or experiences with them? I feel in Florida it's much more bang for the buck than solar hot water. A switch on the ciruculating pump lets you see the effect on the AC 3.5 ton draws 11.7 amps with 87 degree outside temp and drops to 9.6 when the circulator pump is turned on.

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You missed the other half.

I have potable hydronic (in the floor) heating in my 4 season room (about 900 Sq. Ft.) My plumbing is such that all the water consumed in the house during the cooling season circulates through the 75 gallon hot water heater that is used to heat the room in the winter. The sprinklers work on a bit of an odd cycle but the grass gets tempered water and the room gets the cold. The floor does not get to the condensing point so there is no condensate moisture from this.

I used the pool water to cool the heat pump in the summer (custom gas to water heat exchanger). The pump has to run anyway so that is what pumps the water. The current numbers you show are in the right range. There is no condenser fan making noise or consuming power.

My hydronic air conditioning works out at a bit over two and one half tons (30,000 BTU) of air conditioning for the cost of operating the circulating pump. The water comes from the city and is still below 60F in the fall, about 45F in the spring. May not be the most efficient but it is inexpensive to operate.

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I take it you are in a fairly dry climate. Here in cent. Fl the higher humidity would bring the dewpoint perilously high with water temps so low.

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