new lcd tv's- why do I need a HD antennae?

ilmbgAugust 24, 2009

I thought all new lcd tv's had a built in HD. I was looking for a new tv on the WalMart site- they all say that you need HD antennae for 'over the air' HD. Here, you don't need it- the transponders converted a few years ago. I get a great picture on antennae with an older (2002) tube tv. Why supposedly needing a 'box'?

(we are not even in a part of the country that receives the HD 'signal').

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"Over the air" means a broadcast from a local TV tower. It doesn't mean satellite or cable.

Current new tv's, whether LCD or something else, if sold in America, must have a digital tuner in them. Most of those digital tuners will be HD, but not all be. Those that aren't typically are smaller than a 15" screen and will have a SD, or Standard Definition, tuner.

No tv will pick up an "over the air" signal without an antenna.

Some smaller TV's will have included with them the rabbit ear style antennas. I don't know of any larger TV that come with an antenna.

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