Solar Heating

garymunson_2009May 23, 2009

Has anyone considered combining a heat pump with a solar heat collector? I'm thinking about burying a 12' above ground pool under a deck, insulating it with 2" foam panels, using swimming pool pvc panels to heat the pool then use the warm water in a heat exchanger attached to the heat pump compressor input. Anyone have any ideas why that wouldn't work/save money?

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My thoughts have been whether the temperatures from
the collector are within the range of the heatpump's
design parameters. When you find out I'd like to hear
about it.

Sure it's a fine idea. But i kind of don't get why you'd
need 'so much' hot water.

I don't understand where the heat pump comes into play.

Or as far as what it's providing on the cold side. Or
hot side.

I mean if you're making more hot air from the hot water
then .. I can't imagine you need that much heat where
you couldn't just get it from a solar collector for less cost.

And if you're getting cold out of the heat pump then
yes the pool would be a good place to put the heat. It's
usually under 80F which should be less than the air temp
and the water connection to your heat pump will
conduct heat much faster than outside air will. This
improves efficiency. Plus I firmly believe your compressor
will last many many times longer perhaps indefinitely
since it's running so very cool. It would never get much
past 80F (the water temp) because the heat transfer is so

Again .. could you explain what you're getting out of the
heat pump?
thanks !

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My idea is to use the pool water to pre-heat the gas entering the compressor in the winter to increase the heating efficiency rather than letting the gas pick up heat from the condensor coil (which isn't very efficient at low temperatures). I've used heat recovery units for decades here in Florida to boost cooling efficiency (and get free hot water) and thought this might be a way to increase heating efficiency in the second home I just bought in Reno, NV.

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