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deemarie5500June 4, 2007

Rise and shine!

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Good Monday all!

Wow, lots of mia's checked in over the weekend. Besh and Amy good to hear from you both.

Besh, swans are so beautiful. They are fierce protectors of thier babies which are called cygnets. Both parents tend them and the male, or cob and female, or pen are very feirce when threatened. Fox, Coyote, racoon, snapper all could easily take the signet if a parent isn't vigilant. My FIL had swans at his farm in NH and he was constantly losing them to predators so after years of trying he decided it wasn't worth it any longer. There were some heartbreaking stories about those swans too. Hopefully the remaining cygnet will grow to be strong and healthy.

Amy, you sound like you are doing well and it's good to hear from you.

Marci, I keep trying to get pix of the chick but it's so hard they are constantly in motion! Yes, that is Sweet Pea or The Divine Miss Pea in the photo!

I had a great and very busy weekend. Now I need a day off to recoup!

It's pouring here today and it's cold and raw.

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Good Morning DeeMarie!

I have risen, but I am not so sure about the shining part! LOL

It is supposed to be cooler here today, so I want to try to get outside. Hopefully yesterday's rain helped the pollen count.

Not much new here, just wanted to say Hey!


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Hi Dee - stop back and fill us in on your life.

Suzanne - I love weekends that you need to recoup from LOL.

Marci - it is good to have you checking in more often. I hope the pollen is low for you.

Even though I worked yesterday I had a nice relaxing afternoon and evening at home. My intentions were to go home and catch up on laundry and I didn't even do that.

It is also on the cool side and rainy today. When I bust out of here I am really going to go home and do laundry and some straightening up. It seems like not everything is back in place from last weeks company. I think I have more company coming in a week or two.


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Hi there! It's been a long 4 days I can tell you.

DH had a cherry-sized polyp removed on Thursday. Doc says he believes it's benign. I told DH and I may have saved his life, since I made the appointment a year ahead of his scheduled callback (by mistake!) haha

Thursday evening I started up again with a horrendous stomach virus or food was awful. Friday is a blur to me because I was in bed all day. My assistant said I called in about 8:30am babbling, so she just told me to 'take it easy for the day'. LOL!!!!

Saturday and Sunday I was a dishrag. DH and I got through some routine paperwork, but I never even got to the laundry. I'm in the office today, but my joints are weak from dehydration and I could use a nap!

Tonight, however, I'm off to a knockoff pocketbook party that I would not miss for an earthquake! Will fill you in tomorrow on that.

Good news is I'm down 6 lbs, but I'm sure once my appetite is back that will come right back where it was.


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(((DeeMarie))) - Just a hug! Sometimes that is all I need to feel better. :~)

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DeeMarie~[ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] I hope that you are on the mend soon. Glad that you caught the polyp for DH. LOL

Marci~I'm glad that you are able to be here more often too.

Raeanne~We could use some of your rain & it is in the 90s here today. I'm too hot. I still haven't gotten used to this humidity.

NH Suzanne~It is good to be able to come to you & get all of our questions about animals answered.

I went in today to the cardiologist. I am fine but I was mentioning my concerns about Dave & he wanted to do some tests on him ASAP. So, he is having testing done 2 days before his b'day & again on his b'day. Bummer for him but better to have checked out before we start this long trip.

Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Dee ((((HGUS))) hope you are back up to snuff soon! I wondered why we didn't hear from you last Friday.

Patti/Dave as you well know it's better to be safe than sorry!

Raeanne, the housework never ends! My feet are dragging right now but Monday is drawing to an end!

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Dee - I knew something was wrong when you didn't check in. Everything happens for a reason - including you making an appt for DH a year early! I hope you treat yourself to a pocketbook or 2.

Looks like there are a few dirty houses and piles of laundry around here LOL.

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I will send positive thoughts out to Dave.

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Good Tuesday all!

The rain has stopped here and it's going to be warmer today. I almost froze yesterday!

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Good TUESDAY morning!

Bought a "coach" purse last night and I absolutely love it. No one here could tell it was a fake (unless they are talking behind my back!) LOL!

I have been looking for a document that I filed on this laptop over 3 years ago. Need to make changes and it appears to be frustrating. Since I've spent too much time looking for it, I may just ask a colleague to send along their version and I'll mess around with it a bit. arrrggggggggggg

Oh yes, at the pocketbook party last night, my cousin "introduced" me to her new "son" (a dog) nice huh? The %(&$( thing was biting and jumping on me until I ran out the front door and told her to put it away or I was leaving! It just reminded me of when I was a kid and the neighbors would send out those dogs to torment me because they knew I was afraid. Not everyone is thrilled with animals and I think if you invite people to your home you should be prepared to put them away or not be angry if the guest decides to leave if uncomfortable. Most of my friends understand now, but my cousin thought it was funny. I managed to buy the one purse and then hang outside with others for about an hour before I went home. OK, enough of my vent.

Took in a great excercise class last hour of weights, jazzercise, and toning. I felt wonderful. This morning, I had my 35-minute walk with my neighbor and I'm a new woman!!!!! (hear me roar!)

Let's hear from you!

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Dee, you are such an animal lover!! ROTFLMAO I do know what you mean though - even I don't appreciate obnoxious animals whose owners think they are being cute! Same goes for kids!

Did you try doing a search? You can do that if you remember what you called the file or even remember part of the name.

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Yes, Suzanne....who among us has not been to a friend's house (especially when I was younger) when you are sitting having coffee and conversation, while their children start with the "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy". Indeed, put the animals and the children away when you entertain! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dee - You cracked me up with put the animals and children away ROFLMAO - unfortunately it is true too many times. I have always put my dogs in a separate room when I have company that was afraid or when the dogs were in their jumpy stage. I have a male friend that is deathly afraid of dogs, when he comes over he let's me keep the dog out and he actually pets her - it is so funny to see this big guy proud of himself that he has pet a dog. Enjoy that Coach bag.

It is 49 degrees right now and I am freezing.

I still haven't gotten much housework done and today doesn't look promising. I did do 3 loads of wash last night/this morning - but that was just from stripping beds and towels from my company 9 days ago LOL.

I just started reading "The Kite Runner" and am loving it - I wish I had more time to read.

Enjoy your day!

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Dee - I forgot to mention that sometimes my dogs were allowed to stay out and my kids were put away LOL.

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Good Wednesday all,

I have to say that it amazes me how many people are afraid of animals. I cannot even imagine such a thing but I guess it's all about how/where you were raised. I suppose if I had any brains I would be more afraid of them than I am! LOL I mean after you have a horse and carriage run over you what's to be afraid of?? LMAO

I would rather put up with an obnoxious dog than an obnoxious child!

Raeanne, it's so cold here this morning. We go from tropical heat, humidity and thunderstorms yesterday to crisp fall weather! Some parts of our state will have frost warnings tonight. It's crazy.

Dee, how is your herb strawberry pot coming along? I dug mine out with the intention of planting it and now I can't decide what I want, flowers or herbs. With threats of frost it's easy to put off!

Donna, I have been thinking of you and wonder how your are feeling these days.

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Hey there!

Suzanne, my herb garden is outrageous. I've added fresh basil and parsley to italian dishes...sage to chicken, and I'm looking for recipes for lots of oregano and thyme. It looks fabulous too. I'm so glad I did it! Will have to take & post a picture of it if I can.

Raeanne, I've also had friends remove children from the party. lol!

MIA's---don't make me sing AND dance to get you here.
Come out and play with us, or we might start up another silly back-and-forth conversation!

Tonight is my only 'free' night until next Monday. Looking forward to total relaxation (as in a bath and reading). All I need to do is heat up leftovers for dinner.

Marci, hope your back is feeling better.

Patti, thinking about you and Dave.

Donna, hope we can say hello next Friday evening.

Make today count!

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I am here. Just can't post right now. (I would do anything not to have Dee sing! LOL)


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Oh no - my post got lost!!!

Will read and catch up later, ((((hugs)))) to all that need them!

Thanks all for thinking of me, I am still around and will try to post more next week. This week have a pinched nerve in neck, ouch.

Dee, would LOVE to meet you Friday night next week. Please send me details - in AC right???

Love to all - Donna

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Good afternoon all,

Where the heck is everyone???? Oh Dee?? What tune are you going to belt out for us?? LOL

Donna, it's good to see you post. I hope you and Dee can tie up next week - how exciting.

I am getting ready to leave my office for the weekend. I am going on a two day trail ride. Sat will be 25 miles and Sunday will be 18-20. We will leave mid-morning tomorrow to set up camp. I can't wait - it's the first outing of the year. Tonight I have to pack the trailer and make soup with a ham bone that was leftover from last weekend! YUM

I will try to check in tomorrow before I leave but if I don't I hope we hear from all you mia's soon. I MISS YOU ALL and miss the interaction that we (used to) have here! Come on you guys. Maddie??? It's been so long.

If I don't check in I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

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Pattie & Dave, hope you check in before the weekend. Anxious to hear how you are feeling.

Marci, hope that back is better for you.

Donna, I will send you an e:mail to let you know where we'll be staying and also my cell phone #. Hope we can catch each other this time!

Jen, where are you? Sending good thoughts out to you, Galen, Erica and Tara.

Suzanne/Raeanne, my neighbor and I saw the 8 swans again this morning in the middle of the lake. It was amazing, as the sun had risen up behind them and we were standing on one of the footbridges. Wish I had remembered to take a camera with me. We start out at 6am, so it's a wonder I'm completely dressed!

MIAs, please check in: Besh, BJ, Maddie, Amy, John, Gretchen, Joanne, Lynn, Tikanas, Jen, etc, etc, etc

QOD: What's up for this weekend?


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QOD: FRIDAY afternoon, highlights in hair. this evening, dinner with friends. SATURDAY, laundry/shopping in the morning; corporate picnic in afternoon and dinner with other friends. SUNDAY, Mass for departed DFIL in morning; afternoon more church to see DH's grand nephew get baptised (followed by party) and Sunday night we will be glued to The Sopranos finale.

OK---- next?

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It's my turn, it's my turn...

QOD - dinner with friends tonight. Saturday - early kayak ride, work, dinner with friends from FL, Sunday - not sure, but I have art class homework that needs to get done and I'm not even going to mention the laundry, etc....

Hope all is well.

Thanks for checking in Donna, hope your pinched nerve is doing better.

Suzanne - Have fun - what an outing your first one is - you don't do anything small, do you?

Dee - I will be biting my nails with you Sunday night. It is sad that it has come to the end and as much as Tony is a bad guy I don't want to see the big lug get whacked or worse his wife or daughter.

Besh - thank you for saving us from a song from Dee (kidding Dee). She normally only gifts us with her talent on birthday's.

I gotta run, it's crazy at work these days.

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Hi - Checking in for the sake of our ears! (Just kidding DeeMarie!)

QOD - I am going to a craft show in the park tomorrow with a friend of mine and then out to lunch.

The doc put me on prednisone this week and my cough is slowing improving. My back also improved, and a friend of mine who is a nurse, said the steroid could be doing double duty. If so, I say thanks heavens. I got out of bed yesterday without grimacing and finally feel like my back is normal.

DD is coming home next Wednesay to pack up her things and get ready for the big move. Things have been hectic as I have been trying to get her some last minute appts., gathering up things she will need and trying to organize a going away party for her for next Sunday. Keeping busy so I don't have a chance to think too much, but I am still teary. Watched a sad movie the other night and cried the whole way through. :~(

Gotta go and put some dinner on the table. Plus some nasty storms are heading this way and I should get off the computer.


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Marci - ((((HUGS)))) I save most of my tears for sad movies. I don't cry easily in "real life" but sometimes a commercial can reduce me to tears. It is so hard to have them so far away - but you will always be connected and you did a great job with your daughter for her to be so independent (D@mn, we can be our own worst enemy). I'm glad you are feeling better.

I cancelled dinner with friends, as it was going to be a late one and DH and I decided to go kayaking at 6AM.

Have a good evening.

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Good afternoon.

Dee - I will also be glued to the tv for the Sopranos Finale..... It's sad that it is all over. I am excited that Big Love will be back on. I currently have the stomach flu or bug/virus. I am hoping it goes away soon!

Marci - glad your cough is getting have had that for quite some time now.

I will check in later....


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(well, OK--apparently this thing is working again--and with sincere apologies to Carol Channing and the cast of "Hello, Dolly".....)

Hello friends!
Well, hello friends!
ItÂs so nice be back where I belong
YouÂre looking swell, friends
I can tell, friends
You're still glowin', you're still crowin'
You're still goin' strong.
We feel the room swayin'
For weÂre still playin'
One of our old fav'rite songs from 'way back when...

I got a new computer, and I think this d@mned thing is fixed--can I have my old seat back, please? And will someone pass me a cuppa and some cake? LOL! I have really missed you all--



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Maddie - you made me smile! What a great way to start my day. You have been missed sistah! Now tell us more.

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