A/C = flies

pammyfaySeptember 27, 2009

Many times this summer when I've had the A/C on (and the windows closed, of course), I've noticed flies in the house. I'm a neat person, so it's not like I live in filth.

I assume they must be getting in (or sucked in?) near an A/C hose outside and coming up through a vent. Anybody else ever been in this situation?

Whom should I be calling to look at this? An A/C maintenance person or an exterminator? I'm thinking the latter might be able to spot how they're coming in but might not do the patching or whatever repair is needed.

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Most central air conditioning systems don't have any kind of air intake from the outside. The refrigerant lines penetrate the house but turning on the system wouldn't change anything. Window or thru-wall air conditioners sometimes have a vent function, letting outside air in.

I'd be more inclined that the air flow is somehow stirring the flies up. Is it possible a child or guest left some food somewhere, perhaps in a trash can of an infrequently used area?

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