earthwormSeptember 7, 2010

There is a sunroom attached to the east by NE front of the house.

IMO, it looks out of place, at best.

I might be able to disassemble it and move the material to the west by SW back of the house.

As it is now, the two LR windows are blocked, and this room is too dark.

Why did the PO do this ??

Check out 775 Locust Point Rd, Manchester via "Bing" birds eye view.

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I would assume they built it during the summer, when the sun is at a high angle, and didn't consider how it would be shaded during the rest of the year.

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A neighbor has one very similar, which also faces the same way..
I will have to wait (its a short sale) and see, I hope.

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I looked at the pictures on "Trulia". The sunroom doesn't help the looks of the house at all. And I assume these are the best pictures of the house interior? Wow!

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My idea is to move the sunroom and replace it with a porch or portico with a Roman/Greek style roof...not cheap, I know.
I am also planning a carport attached to the garage in the same style ..I think, I may extend the house roof to cover the flat roofed addition..
My interior work is cut out....
This place sold for 54K less than 10 years ago, and then $150K in '08 !!!
Barnum and Bailey was an expression for this....

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When I referred to the interior pictures, I meant that the rooms were so messy with "stuff" just laying around.

Clean, neat rooms would have made the total package look better.

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Absolutely correct, monablair.
I have learned a lot from Home and Garden TV and having inspected many places.
The owner should be outraged, she needed a lot more time to straighten up.... I sense problems.
The camaera man was not so good either.
Real estate can be improved a lot, generally, but then so can many other things.

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