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suzan30September 2, 2010

Not really a disaster but not sure where else to post!

My basement has an exterior exit with a long staircase. At the bottom of the staircase is a drain. I discovered soon after I moved in that if anything obstructs the drain the basement will flood. I now sweep daily because my neighbor's tree drops a lot of leaves. This solved the problem but I always worry when I am out of town. I've been told that there is some kind of cover/screen that I can use to make sure the drain is clear, but I haven't been able to find this at my local hardware store or home depot. Another drain problem is that local stray cats (??) like to poop in this area. I have no idea why but it makes sweeping pretty gross. Any idea how I can resolve both these problems?

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I have used a piece of lathing wire (Home Depot $7.00 for a 2 foot by 8ft) and made a cover for the drain for several people. One of those people, every time it rained and the drain blocked up, the water would fill in the cellar stair well as much as 4 feet. It broke out the storm door and leaked on into the basement. They had a flodding problem similar to yours, every time it rained. You might find a smaller piece of similar mesh openings somewhere. Don't use window screen, it'll plug up fast. Take a small bowl and shape the mesh so it will sit a bit higher than the drain. That way, when the debris collects around the base causing the water to rise, the water will then enter the drain.

As for the cats, they hate orange peel and loath banana peels. Use them for about a week and they may quit coming around. Don't leave them there too long or you'll get insects and other vermine trying to get in the door. You could also sprinkle some moth crystals in the area, they work very well.

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If possible, this area should be finished to a roofed enclosure to protect the drain from the monsoons and rainstorms.
Temporally, your treed neighbor could remove the leaves when you are gone on your European vacation...
Or, use this money for the attached entrance covering.

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