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nhsuzanneJune 28, 2004

Good Morning All,

Thought I would get us started if anybody is out there! Wow, this place is quiet. I hope you all have a chance to stop in and say hello.

QOD: What are your plans for the Fourth of July weekend? Do you have Monday off because the 4th lands on a Sunday?

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Here here...::::waving at you Suzanne::::

Busy Busy and not eating well...why do I sabotage myself???

How is Sweet Pea doing??

QOD: no special plans other than softball tournaments...

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Hi Suzanne - thanks for getting us off to a fresh start.

QOD - We are going to 2 parties on the 4th. One starts early and the other is at night and has a perfect view of the fireworks on the lake. NO, I am not off on Monday. Actually my 4th starts weeks before, as I am involved in promoting the fireworks, collecting gifts for a raffle and selling tickets and decorating the town with balloons that we fill with helium.

The phones are ringing off the hook last night.

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Suzanne, how is SP doing? Been thinking about him alot!

QOD: Boating all weekend! Cookout on boat, fireworks by boat, fishing, kids will be using the ski doo. All boat, all the time! LOL

You probably won't believe this, or maybe you will, after my big long speech about never following another "diet" and just eating like a healthy person, I started Diet Divas again today. It was really the only plan I ever lost on and it is healthy and pretty fast. So I gave in and ordered my protein snacks and I am doing the jump start phase over the next 4 days. I will be able to stay on it over the holiday weekend, I just can't have any alcohol, not that I am a huge drinker anyway.

And yes, I do have Monday off, I have all summer off! That probably didn't sound very nice of me did it?

Have a great day. I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Love, Besh

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Hello everyone!

QOD: We are sailing from NYC on Sunday, the 4th, with 88 friends and family to the Bahamas! I'll be toasting our Lady Liberty around 6pm, and we should be able to catch some fireworks from ship to shore later that night. Saturday, after my manicure and pedicure appointment, is a BBQ at DH's niece's, and I'm in charge of one of the appetizers. Gonna do a great big cold antipast'. Yummers!

I'm looking forward to my yoga/stretch class this evening at 4:30.

After class, I'm going home to put a couple of ham steaks on the grill. Making a fresh green bean salad w/ shaved onions, evvo, lemon juice, and mint! Try it sometime. My mom used to make this when I was a little girl; I can eat a huge bowlful! Love my veggies.

This year, I have a big herb garden on my deck with spearmint, basil, curly parsley, cilantro, and sage. It's great to wander out there while I"m cooking and pick fresh herbs!

Hope everyone has a great week! Has anyone heard from Patti? I've sent her a few e:mails, but I've gotten no response.

Take care, eat healthy, and never never give up!

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Good Morning All,

Thanks for asking about SP. She is holding her own. I don't believe she is any worse but not better either. The vet is coming out on Friday to do a blood panel which will tell us if she is insulin resistant and other useful information that will help me with her diet. We are also going to xray her feet to see how much rotation there is in the coffin bone. I am praying that it's minimal. Her spirits are good and she is moving around so I don't think she is any real discomfort. She is so sweet. The poor animals stood and stared as we cut the pasture on Sunday............they stood gazing out at us as if to say "why can't we eat that?" It was sad.

We need for Patti to check in. It's been a long, long time since we have heard from them.

Gretchen, good to hear from you. How goes your aquisition?

DeeMarie, are you sailing all the way to the Bahamas? Where in the Bahamas are you bound?

Besh, you are too funny with your diets! Good luck on DD. I did not care for it at all but if it works for you that's great. Don't you feel like you have been on a diet most of your life? I know I sure do. Lately I haven't been dieting. I am so sick of it.

Raeanne, you are always doing something fun. I am sure your town is a much better place because of you and DH.

This is deadline week. My publisher nearly had a coronary when I told her my numbers yesterday! I am about $10,000 off! I am sure I haven't heard the last of that. Everyones numbers are way off this month again so at least I am not alone although I think I am the farthest off. Oh well, can't change it now.

Marci, if you are reading I have been meaning to share with you that I have been playing the Mozart disk that you gave me for my birthday or Christmas. I thought that Sweet Pea would enjoy it during her illness. They all listen to it during dinner. Bet you never imagined that the animals would be listening to it when you made it for me! Thank you, it's very soothing.

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DeeMarie - you win for doing the most fun thing this 4th LOL!

NH Suzanne - I will continue to send SP positive thoughts. I love the Mozart in the barn LOL.

Besh - I say that any diet has to be better than mine. I just can't seem to stick to anything these days. What happened to my willpower?

It's my day off and I'm getting ready to go for a swim and do my aqua strength class. Tonight is my last golf lesson.

Everyone have a great day.

Patti, Joanne, John, Jen and all MIA's it is time to let us know you are OK - we miss you.

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Good Morning,

Suzanne, I don't "feel" like I have been on a diet most of my life, I have been on a diet all of my life! LOL I'm down 5# after my first day on Jump Start, just water I know, but I'll take it! I'm so happy SP is doing better. (Sorry I called her a him in my previous post.) I hope things continue to look better.

Dee, what about that cruise? Are you just going to sail past the statue of liberty and just keep on sailing to the Bahamas? Wow! How long are you going for? Our boat is only going as far as Salem Harbor! LOL

Raeanne, you may not be dieting, but you are sure active. That has got to count for something!

I am also missing everyone else. It was good to hear from you Gretchen, but where is the rest of the gang? I was thinking of BJ last night. I heard there was an earthquake in Alaska, but nothing serious happened, thank goodness. Maybe it was just BJ arriving!

Everyone please check in. Just let us know that you are still out there and doing ok.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning!! I got up this morning and walked 2 miles in the fog. I had been driving over to the track and walking, but I decided to walk in the plan (mainly because DH and DD had my car blocked in) and I forgot how much I use to enjoy my early morning walks. I would love to walk 5 miles like I used to, but I just got my plantar fasciitis under control and I don't want to deal with that pain again. So I will stick with my 2-3 mile walks on the track or with my walking tapes, but at least I know I can add some variety to my routine once in awhile and walk in the plan. I am up to 32 miles since I started keeping track.

NHSuzanne - That is too funny about the Mozart CD! I am just glad you and SP are enjoying it, no matter where you are listening to it. LOL

Did anyone see in the news that Amber Brkich donated some of her Survivor items (including her bikinis) to a museum in her hometown(which is my hometown too)? Well, my parents work at that museum and my Dad and brother helped build it. My Dad and my uncle both donated historical items to the museum, so I feel a special attachment to it. It was just funny to see this little museum mentioned because of a bikini!!!

Magic Kitty - How is your resolve this week? I haven't gotten on the scale since the doctor's office forced me to last week (lol), but I know that I lost a few pounds last week just sticking to a stricter level II. My jeans slid on yesterday with out a shoehorn!! LOL And a skirt that was too tight a month ago was fitting much better too. So I am feeling optimistic that I can stick with this and get back down to my goal. I started level I yesterday and so far so good.

B - Scrambled eggs with cheese
L - 3 turkey roll-ups with celery stuffed with lauging cow cheese
D - Chicken breast and steamed broccoli
S - SF jello with whipped cream

QOD - I am going with DeeMarie and her gang!!! LOL Seriously, DH has to work so sadly, will probably just have a nice lunch before he heads off to the railroad. DS will be home for the weekend, so maybe we can manage to get a picnic in some time. DH and I are going to try to go see The Terminal at a new theater with stadium seating this Thursday and go out to dinner, but that is about as exciting as it gets for now. :~(

Besh - You sound like you are enjoying your time off. Isn't it great to have the summer off!! The fog is lifting here and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I would like to get some outside yard work done and detail my car. Then I am going to sit on my front porch, soak up a few rays, and read a few chapters in my current book.

Raeanne - I agree that you are one active gal. You are so lucky to have so many choices of classes and activities. I am trying to spice up my exercise routine and it seems to be working. This is week three for me and I have exercised at least 5 times each week. I even dusted off my Billy Blanks Tae Bo tapes last week. LOL I would love to take a Pilates class, but for now the tapes will have to do.

Tikanis - Are you still with us?? Pop in and let us know how you are doing.

SusieQ - We haven't heard from you in ages!! Are you still around?

Hi bunnydoodles!!

Hi Chris!!

That is all for now. That sun just broke through the fog and I am going to go take advantage of a day without rain.


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Good TUESDAY morning everyone!

QOD: The "sailing" will be on a cruise ship with about 3000 passengers! LOL! Wanted to get you guys thinking, and I see you were paying attention!!!

Marci, did I tell you how much I love that lotion you got me for my birthday? I am like a miser with it, but it has such a calming effect on me.

Raeanne, I was thinking about you and Marci last evening. Our class here is now called "YOGILATES" -- our fitness instructor describes it as "mat pilates techniques are blended with yoga movements. This class is designed for all fitness levels and consists of exercies and stretches to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the body." Last night, she loaned us flax seed eye pillows, and "talked" us through relaxation for about 10-15 minutes. It was like being hypnotized! We were hooked! I went on Amazon this morning and bought 2 of those eye pillows! Loved it!! Don't know if it burns fat, but I don't care. I am sooooo much more flexible since I started taking this class in November. Not bad for an old broad like me!!!!

Hey, any of you guys could have come on this trip with us. There are 88 in our group, and the next time my friend and I run a big group cruise, I will e:mail you all invitations. All you need to do is contact our cruise travel guy at his 800 number (oh yeah, you need to pay some $$$ too!) Hey, we all deserve a break, right?

Gotta run and prepare some metrics reports.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

Please, please, please --- will the MIA's check in with us? We want to know how everyone is doing. Don't make us come to your homes!

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Good morning everyone....

Marci, I am so glad you are losing....clothes fit better. I have fallen off the wagon and rolled into a ditch.....I went away for the weekend and all H*ck broke loose on this WOE. So, back at it yesterday and the rest of this week.

QOD: I am leaving Thursday night to go to Ohio to visit my parents and friends. I come back Tuesday night and Hubby comes back 10 days later with my Neices. So I am hoping to see fireworks and attend cookouts....yummy.

I still have not gotten over no caffine. I am just not myself without it. I feel like I am in a Haze. I have done real well with that, but not so strong with the eating.

Besh - I hope you got my e-mail re: Cape Coral.....I still do not know where the finger lake area is....I hope I did not sound too negative... It has been quite an adjustment for me. I absolutely love your boat plans for all weekend, I remember those days.

Dee Marie - Nice plans!!!!!

Take care ---- Lynn

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DeeMarie, I am looking at sources for whole flax seed to give to Sweet Pea for the Omega 3 this morning! My old Yoga teacher would give us eye pillows full of lavender for our relaxation time. I LOVE lavender. Have fun on the "sail" sounds like fun. I love yoga and have tried pilates without much love for it yet. I have a tape of Yogilates which is pretty good.

We always have music playing in the barn at dinner time but usually it's rock. I thought Sweet Pea needed something really soothing. The animals like music.

Besh, I know what you mean about dieting sister! Your weekend sounds fun. I have to get to that part of MA one of these days. I have never been to Salem! Shame on me. When I do I will let you know.

Back to work for me......

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Dee - Our yoga instructor gave each of us eye bags filled with lavender and flax for Christmas one year, since then I have made some. She just completed training to teach Pilates, so we will be doing a combination too. Don't forget to give us the cruise info - I am serious - you should be careful what you wish for.

NH Suzanne - I used to take my dogs to a kennel that played music all night long for the dogs.

Hello to all, gotta run.

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I have a lavender spray that my DD gave me and when I can't sleep at night, I spritz some of that in the air and I swear it helps me fall asleep. DH can't stand the smell, so I can only use when I get to bed first. I may have to look into the eye pillows, that way he wouldn't have to smell it and I could still benefit.

Magic Kitty - Get out of that ditch!!!! LOL I am here to lend you a hand.........

My car is spotless! On the inside at least. I am waiting for the sun to shift before I wash the outside.

Raeanne & DeeMarie - That Yogilates (sp?) sounds interesting. I really do like Pilates, but I am not sure I always have great form. I am trying though and I can feel improvement in my "core" muscles even after only a few weeks.

Gotta run and fix some lunch.

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Marci, I'm here!!

Busy week so far! Started Curves. I really like it. It's 3 blocks from home so I walk. I think my metabolism needs this kick in the rear : )

After work I'll spend an hour in the garden. Yard long beans REALLY do grow a yard long! And taste great too.

Corned beef and cabbage tonight. My son gets all the potatoes and carrots : ( and I'll stick to 3 oz. meat and the onion and celery with a salad on the side.
Still managing to behave myself...

QOD: Going to the parade in town then BBQing with the kids. Fireworks the next town over at 8:00. Wish I was hiding in Dee Marie's suitcase!


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DeeMarie - I have to share my yoga relaxation experience with you. We put on our lavender eyebags, get covered with blankets and towels, the instructor talks us through a little guided relaxation with some soothing music, she comes around and gives everyone a little lower leg and foot massage, all done in candlelight and then she plays the Native American Flute, now if you are still awake, she reads an inspirational passage and slowly brings you back to reality - Namaste! That is why I go to Yoga, it may be an hour of hard work, but dessert is well worth it.

I will take a long walk this afternoon and then off to a friends house for a little lobster bake - can't wait for that. I better do a very long walk.

Gotta run...

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It is a beautiful day here in PA!! I am just taking a break from outside work to cool off in the house.

I emailed Jen and she wrote back to say that everyone is doing great. Work has been hectic and she hasn't had time to check in. Surgery for both girls was successful and they are enjoying good health. She sent me some new pictures of the girls and they are in the album for your enjoyment. Thanks Jen!!

Day 3 of Level I and so far so good. (Lynn - are you out of that ditch yet? lol) I made some ricotta pancakes this morning and I am still full. I think I will consider that brunch today and just have a small snack to tide me over until dinner. I walked 2 miles this morning and did Pilates. 34 miles and counting!

Did I tell you that my neighbor, 52 years old, died last week. He was diabetic and had arthritis. He was taking medicine for the arthritis which also happened to alleviated some stomach pain he was having. But his stomach was still bothering him enough that he wasn't eating properly and he went into a diabetic coma. They got him to the hospital and stablilized his sugar and discovered he had a blockage in his intestines. He had to have a colostomy. His liver and kidneys weren't functioning right after the surgery and he ended up on dialysis. His liver function never did improve and then he got an infectin in the colostomy incision and that is when they decided to call it quits. He died in his sleep the next day. They haven't lived here very long and I didn't know them that well, but I still felt bad. Then my other neighbor, 53 years old, just had 2 mini strokes. We are good friends with them and I am so glad that it wasn't a major stroke. He was getting ready to drive somewhere when it happened and everyone is grateful that he wasn't in the car yet. He is on BP medication and an aspirin regimen. He is just feeling tired, but no other lasting effects. Thank goodness.

Other than that, things are quiet here. I am in the middle of reading a good book and would like to finish it today. If I can squeeze in a few chores as well, then so much the better.


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I made it through Day 3 of Jump Start!!!! One more day to go and I can start on the regular program. I can not wait to have a piece of bread! (Low fat ofcourse)

I am still busy cleaning this house. I did manage to get out for a while today to do some errands. I also had a daughter of some friends come over today. She is selling designer knock off handbags. Mostly Louis Vuitton, Coach and some Prada. They were really nice, but I could not justify $200. for a knock off. Maybe for the Louis V, because I know how much they go for, but out of all of the bags they were my least favorite. Anyway, I did not buy any.

Raeanne, can you just get the dessert without doing all the work? Sounds heavenly!

Marci, so sorry about your neighbors. Whenever I hear of something like that about someone so young (my age group!), it just makes me step back and count my blessings. Seize the day, as they say, you just never know. You have inspired me to clean my car. It is going in for a tune up tomorrow and then I think I will make it pretty!

Tikanis, I'm glad you are still with us. Yard long green beans are really a yard long?

Lynn, yes I did get your email and I am sorry I have not responded yet. I appreciate your time, and no you did not scare me away from Florida. I have very mixed emotions about the whole situation, but I am not going to worry about it for another 5 years.

Suzanne, anytime you want to come to Salem, just let me know. I would be happy to show you around. It really is a cool place to visit (and live!).

I guess that is it for now. The Mega Millions lottery is up to 280M this week. If I win, we will all be having one great big party. My treat! Send positive thoughts my way!

Have a great night!

Love, Besh

PS - Did anyone here used to watch S*x (didn't know if I would get bumped out for that word) and the City? I never watched it when it was on the air, but DH and I have been working our way through the DVD's. Oh myyyyyy God! I love it. It just hits me so unexpectedly every time. I laugh until I cry. And the sad part is, I can relate to so much of it!

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Good Morning All,

Besh, I have been watching Sex in the City since the beginning and I think it's great! DH can't get into it as he thinks it's a chick thing. I guess he's right because I can really identify with it and the way they communicate. I am glad it's on TBS now. I still have to rent the whole last season. Good job on the jump start!

Today is drop dead day so it promises to be a doozy. I am really looking forward to a three day weekend. We are having friends over for a clambake. Yum

Marci, you certainly sound motivated to exercise. Wow, I wish that would rub off on me. Between house and barn I don't have a lot of time right now. Excuses, excuses! LOL

Sweet Pea is still holding her own. The vet comes tomorrow for xrays and bloodwork. This will tell us alot about the damage. Send prayers and positive thoughts her way.

I will check in later.

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Besh - No dessert without the main course LOL. I watched S in the City when it originally aired on HBO. I am catching them now and seeing some that I missed. Keep in mind that these are cleaned up quite a bit LOL. I am going to a handbag party tonight - I hope they are cheaper than that - I planned on getting a Louis Vuitton - but not for that price!

NH Suzanne - sending love and positive thoughts to Sweet Pea always.

Marci - so sorry about your neighbors. Thanks for posting Jen's girls - they are beautiful.

Jen - if you are lurking - Erica and Tara look wonderful - I am glad that the operations were a success.

I have a house that needs a lot of attention and I better get busy, then off for a walk and maybe a swim.

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Happy JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in the middle of a million things, but wanted to wake you all up and say 'howdy'.

Suzanne, hope today is a bonus day for ya.

Raeanne, you do so much on a day off! Wish I had your energy.

MADDIE? MADDIE? MADDIE? where are you?

Jen, I loved the pictures. Those girls are so adorable! thanks for keeping us up to date.

Looking to hear from Patti, Amy, Gretchen, Joanne, Susie,....come on, now!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am wondering... Do most of you guys follow a particular food plan/diet? Do your own thing? Record your food intake? Weigh yourself weekly?

I am following a "good carb" diet (like South beach) but with portion controls. (no all- you- can- eat protein for ME!) I also log my food and exercise at FITDAY.COM
I weighed in today (down 6.5 lbs!) but I will only weigh at Curves once a month from now on.

I am just curious as to what you all are doing and HOW you are doing at your various programs.



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Hi guys! I'm here again.

Already been to a Scottish Highlands celebration---VERY FUN! and an airshow---big stuff here---very talented pilots!

"Big" earthquake wasn't anywhere around here, but there are frequent earthquakes in this area. The REAL threat is the mosquitoes! YIIIIII! I bought HUGE citronella candles, DEET spray, and citronella plants---and STILL they come! Combatting the bugs is a joke and constant hobby here. I was potting some plants for my porch yesterday and thought I was going CRAZY--getting bitten and buzzed out there! I will take my large candles with me next time!

The greenhouses here are very casual and freely run. The plants are mondo sized and CHEAP! Nearly everything is under 10 bucks. It's downright dangerous for me! lol.

QOD: the 4th: We're headed out to a small fishing village that has a gigantic celebration on the 4th. It's a 5 hour drive and then a ferry ride, but I'm told it's worth it, so off we go! Then coming back to a family casual dinner with all Americano food probably--kosher dogs, salad, and whatever else people bring.

Tikanas~ I am STRICT about keeping a food diary and try to eat healthy choices; lots of fiber and veggies and VARIETY! I don't eat a huge amount of protein-usually only for dinner-and an occasional egg for brekky. I was weighing in every day at home and then once a week at Weight Watchers, but since I arrived here for the summer, I have not weighed. I probably will cave and buy a house scale and there's a WW place nearby, so I will start weighing in again. I use the scale and book from WW to keep myself accountable to someone! I have lost a large amount of weight since October- about 25 pounds or so. It is a SLOW weight loss (about 2 or 3 ponuds a month), but it's finally staying off and no big fluxuations any more, so I'm finding this to be the way for me to go.

Well, we are having a guy DH met over for dinner tonight. He's Korean and homesick, so I am making Korean BBQ, rice, and cabage salad with sesame oil and chili oil. I better get hopping tho', cause I have to marinate the beef!

I'll check in tomorrow!

Magickitty~ Up, up, and away with the restart! Take Marci's hand and go for it!

NHSuzanne~ So glad SP is holding her own. Good luck on the diagnosis. And don't sweat the deadline---it'll pass----lol. :)

Cheers! Eat healthy choices!

Can we have a junk-free Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday CHALLENGE to make up for the holiday weekend? Planning ahead---just in case! Join me?

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Tikanis - I try to Somersize as much as possible, but have been failing miserably lately. I just bought a dress (online) for a wedding, I love it, but it is a little too snug around the waistline, so that is giving me incentive to get back on track. This weekend will be a challenge, so my goal is to start once again on Monday.

We have a huge 75th bday party to attend tomorrow, then 2 parties on the 4th. I think by then I will be ready to behave.

BJ - glad to hear from you and that you and your family arrived safely. Watch out for those mosquitos - they would carry me away - mosquitos love me. Sounds like you have settled in aleady.

Besh - the pocketbook party was a bust! The pocketbooks didn't arrive in time. So we went to a very elegant bar and had appletini's instead LOL. It was fun, just me, my girlfriend and my daughter.

Gotta run, I have piles of work staring at me.

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I am with you Raeanne, I am going to start on the "straight and narrow" on Tuesday. A three day weekend is NO time to start a diet!

Tikanis, I have SS, SBD and DD and stick with it for a while then inevitably fall off the wagon! Sometimes I think I should be attending OE meetings LOL. Seriously, any way you choose will work for you if you are motivated to stick with it. DeeMarie and BJ are shining examples of what can happen if you stick with it. I don't know why I can't/don't stick with it. I need to figure it out someday!

It's 12:30 the vet was due at 11:30!!!! Why are they always late????? It's just like sitting in a Dr.'s office!

Send positive thoughts this way for my girls. Not only is SP getting her feet xrayed and blood work but Casey, whose biopsy from her eye came back positive as a flat sacoid with have her first treatment for that today. It's an injection right into the sarcoid. Poor girl is so brave but I think we may have to sedate her for this!

When it rains it pours!

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Hello everyone!

Just checking in to say "hang in there". Try to plan ahead, and think before you eat it! Of course, this advice is coming from someone on a major stall in weight, but I am not giving up! THis cruise should prove to be another test, but my sister is on this one with me. She is fairly good when it comes to portion control. She goes wild with desserts, but that's not my problem. She also does not eat in between meals, so that should save me from going over points by dinnertime! LOL

I'm about the leave this office until the 12th (yippeee!). Gotta head to the bank and then the hair salon for a cut and perhaps a touch-up. Tomorrow morning I have a manicure and pedicure appointment; afternoon is a BBQ at hubby's nieces. Tomorrow night, I hope to finish packing, and Sunday the limo arrives at 10:30am. Whew!!!

NH Suzanne, I'm holding really good thoughts for you and your girls. Hope you're weekend is less hectic.

Raeanne, stay away from the 'tinis this weekend! LOL I should talk; my mouth is drooling for a Hawaiian Cosmo (made with Malibu rum)!!

BJ, glad you arrived safely. I see that this "vacation" is like any day for you. Preparing a simple dinner for 100, and hosting parties and crafts for the local schools! Redecorating a house, and gardening the lower 40 acres! A-day-in-the-life of BJ! LMAO!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wish our MIA's would stop by and let us know they are OK.

Take care, eat healthy and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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I am up for a junk free week, never mind few days. I was down 9# Saturday morning. We were on the boat all weekend, and it something about that salt air that makes me want to eat, and eat some more, etc. I gained 4# in 2 days, but I know it won't last.

BJ, glad you made it to AK safely. I was thinking of you when I heard about the earthquake. You are so kind to have that man for dinner. How did it turn out?

Tikanis, I am following Diet Divas. I have done it in the past with much success and I just started again last week. I have not recorded my food, but need to. Their web site has a journal to record your intake in and then submit it. They will let you know if you are doing something wrong. That I will start doing this week.

Jen, the girls are beautiful. I am glad that they are doing well.

DeeMarie, Bon Voyage! Hope you have a great trip! (How could you not?) I love malibu coconut rum. Try mixing it with Paul Newmans Rasberry Razz-a-ma-tazz juice. That is my summer drink, although it is not Diet Diva friendly!

Suzanne, hope things are going okay with Sweet Pea and Casey.

Raeanne, bummer about the bags, but it sounds like you had a nice evening just the same. I guess an apple martini can take care of any disappointment!

Does anyone have Patti's phone ##? If you do, can you email it to me. I would like to give her a call and make sure things are ok.

Enjoy the day. It is pouring here. Good day for shopping!

Love, Besh

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Besh - I got an email from Patti this weekend. She is still having some health problems. She said she just isn't on line much anymore, but she keeps meaning to stop in and say hello. I do have her phone number if you still want to call her. Email me and I can give it to you.

I made Pulled Pork and Coleslaw for our "picnic" this weekend. The kids had parties and picnics to go to, but DH and I stayed home and "chilled". We did manage to go see The Terminal and I really liked it!! I highly recommend it if you want a good laugh.

I got off track this weekend, so I am up for a cheat free week to get me back on track. Count me in.

Hope everyone survived their 4th of July celebrations.


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Besh - I am sure you will get rid of those 4lbs that found their way back to you. You have done really well, in a very short time. Did you have fun out on the boat this weekend? We didn't have time to get out and the lake was packed.

Marci - I am glad you enjoyed The Terminal, I am going to try to go this week.

NH Suzanne - Let us know how SP and Casey are doing. And you too!

We had so much fun this weekend, I am surprised my sides don't hurt from laughing so much. My bosses 75th birthday party was a blast - good music, food, and friends - made some new ones too - 130 people were there. Last night we went to our best friends house. They had 25 people over to see the fireworks. She had a catered dinner for us and it was superb. Both my DD's were there too. We stayed until 2AM - boy was I tired today.

I have to get to sleep now, but wanted to stop by.

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Sounds like everyone had a great holiday.... including me. I am up for a cheat free week starting Thurday..... I am trying to detox from my obnoxious weekend in Ohio. Had a ton of fun. Seriously and I feel like a ton... ahahahha. We ate, drank and I was never in bed before 3:00 am. I am too old for that and do have to pay for it days after. So I welcome the SS WOE level I once again.

Marci thanks for the hand.... I am gonna take it and BJ, thanks for the boost up.

I have already snapped at my husband for letting me get so off track so soon. I guess I am using him as my scape goat.
He is such a trooper. However....he loses so much more quickly than I do. I think he feels guilty.

WE hired a licensed and bonded pet sitter while we were away and it went well... she even brought in our mail. Has anyone ever used one before????? I liked it. Cats were just fine. They gave me attitude for the first couple hours I was home and then couldn't get enough of me. They kept looking for my husband, (who won't be home for another week).

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