Magnavox - stuck in DEMO mode!

curt_normanJuly 22, 2005

My Magnavox model19PSC5 0121 is stuck in a demo mode. I cannot turn the power on or off, and NONE of the buttons work, nor does the remote control.

This happened once before, but being an old codger, I cannot recall how I got out of it.

I have unplugged the TV, and plugged it back in, multiple times and the TV comes on by itself!

The demo mode is a program that continues rolls-over and starts again, it demonstrates all of the featuers of the TV. I cannot locate the user's manual, or any reset buttons, etc. HELP!

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With the set ON. Press the volume up AND volume down at the same time.


Press the channel up AND channel down at the same time.


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Thank you from my family!!! your solution worked!!

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Thank you had the same thing happen and is now fixed

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Thank you very much pushing both volume buttons fixed.

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Thank you for the advise on pressing both up and down buttons on the volume or channel at the same time, I had the same prob. and it really worked. Cual!

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It WORKED. I've been messin' with this thing trying this and that and FINALLY got the bright idea to look it up on the internet! Don't know why I didn't think of that before; I usually look EVERYTHING up on the internet.

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