Plug and Play Complete Solar Systems

kentuck_8bApril 30, 2009

Is there an advantage to purchasing these kits, such as them being cheaper in price than purchasing the components individually?

Any recommended retailers?


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Convenience seems to be the biggest selling point. Prices vary.

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From Northern Tool & Equipment


Here is a link that might be useful: Plug and Play Solar Power

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In my experience whole home solar kits often have some discount to them versus buying the components separately. The more sophisticated kits that have complete step by step manuals do tend to cost more because you're also paying for all that effort to document that beefy manual.

Probably the biggest plus to the solar power kits is that usually include all you need except for parts you probably pick up at the local hardware store - so yah - convenience as Kentuck_8b says.

Words of caution about buying some of the "cheap" solar kits - 1) don't be fooled that a few 50W solar panels is going to power much of your home 2) if you do plan to install it on your home, you want to be sure that they are UL listed at the very least (many home insurance companies won't cover your home if it burns down as a result of a electrical fire and they find non-UL listed power devices connected to your home).

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Thanks, Solar Sasch.

Something I do not understand, is in the above Plug and Play Solar Power system, it says it has 1250 running watts. Is that when using the electricity direct from the solar panels and/or battery power?

I assume it is either, but then how long would the batteries last at 1250 running watts before being switched off? I know this varies, but is there some way I can get an idea?

How much installation is required for something like the Model# 3600WC Solar 2PV? No seller can even give me an answer.


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What are you looking to get out of solar? This system seems to be a back up to the grid if the power goes out. The 1250 running watts is the inverter's output. Which means it can power a 10 amp circuit.

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Thanks for your response, Jeffrey.

Completely off-grid. I have no electricity. Fixing to have a waterwell drilled that will be powered by solar panels.

I just need enough power to run a fan and some lights at night...maybe a radio or small TV, but not more than 4 hours and only 2 days a week at most.

What about the Model# 3600WC Solar 2PV or 4PV?

Any other ideas?


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Check the link below. They have a lot of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: AltE Store

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