water around sink after main shutoff

mth123September 16, 2013

After the main was shutoff before my trip, I saw water emerged around the right side counter of the sink, near my dish washer. I turned on the faucet and let the water ran out, and wiped the counter around the sink dry. After my 12 day trip, I found the cabinet doors under the sink have black color mold around the lower edges and sides near the dish washer.

Is this possibly a plumbing problem between my sink and the dish washer? Who should I get to look into this? A plumbr and mold remediation company? Why did this happen?

Any other possibilities? I had the window over the sink closed.

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Did you also turn off the AC? The dampness was still there when you left for your trip and the mold took hold due to lack of air flow, high heat, etc.

I'd call a plumber and just clean the cabinets with warm soapy water, followed with a diluted bleach solution. Leave the cabinet doors open so everything can dry.......maybe even add a fan to help it dry faster.

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