Where can I find a solar umbrella

susanthegardenerApril 23, 2010

I have been looking for umbrella that has solar panels on it, because i like to listen to music while i am out in the yard, b i always have to use an extension cord. I constantly forget about the darn cord, and i have tripped over it, there has got to be a better way. I have seen those umbrellas with leds but i never go outside just so i can enjoy lights at night, plus i enjoy gardening so that doesnt help me, becuase i am out there during the day. Does anyone know of or where i can buy one of those umbrellas that i guess somehow or someway i can listen to music, maybe like a built in radio or something? I have seen those solar chargers, but i want to have my docking system on the table. whenever i have used that solar charger, my umbrella blocks the sun so then my solar charger, doesn't get light to keep the dock system powered. It is a bummer, because i dont want to leave a sound system on the ground, its hard enough for me to avoid a extension cord. I DO NOT want to trip over my dock system and then end up breaking it, that would just stink. Anyways where can i get what i want for a chance, instead of having to place my expensive dock system in the sun, plus i dont want to damage the system, but i want to listen to music when i garden?

Someone please help me find this, it has got to exist..i checked on amazon, yahoo shopping, msn shopping, even price grabber. nothing.

any help would be great.

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