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marci_paJune 5, 2006
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Good Morning, Marci! Early bird catches the worm!

Off to the gym, back later....


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Okay.... Where is everybody? We know you're out there!

It is hotter than blazes again here today. I am going to break down and put in air conditioning upstairs. I just cannot sleep in the heat and it's only going to get hotter! It sure is easier to get the exercise in during the morning when it is nice and cool.

So what is everyone up to?


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Hi Tikanas - I could not live without my airconditioning. I get positively cranky when it is hot and humid out. I exercise in the morning too. Energizes me for the day (or at least most of the day! LOL).

I got my hair highlighted today. I am disappointed. I can hardly see it. The girl who used to do my hair moved to CA and right now, I would like to hop on a plane and pay her a visit. I told the new girl caramel highlights and she even said she could see some of my old highlights, but I guess she was too conservative for me. I will give it a week and then see if I can't add another color for more dimension. After all, what's the use of getting highlights if you can't see them!

Hopefully some others will come post tomorrow.
(26 miles closer to NJ)

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Wake up! It's Tuesday already!!

Marci, I hate it when my hair does not turn out right! Maybe you should change your walking trip from NJ to Calif.!

I am hoping that the marine layer(affectionately known as "June Gloom" out here) will cool things down a bit today.

DS is doing a one week training for a new job in another town, requiring "Mom's Taxi" at the crack of dawn and cutting into my morning exercise time. I am packing clothes for the gym to take with me today. Hopefully I'll get in a workout on the way home from work, although I am not at my best then...

Come on out and play you guys!

Have a great day!


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Good morning Tikanas - We have to stop meeting like this! LOL Yes, where is everyone. I get finally get a chance to post more and everyone disappears. :~(

If I start walking to CA, I could be there by next summer! Not sure I can wait that long. I just think I need to find a new hair stylist. That is almost as bad as having to find a new OB/GYN!

It's beautiful out today and I just finished my walk. It is the last day for the public schools and I saw lots of kids on my walk that must have skipped the last day. I walked late this morning so I would miss the buses, but I really prefer walking between 6 and 7/am.

I am going to go weed my flower/herb garden and work outside before it gets too hot.

(29 miles closer to NJ)

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...for those watching their weight......

Here is a link that might be useful: Healthy Weight Loss

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Hi! Been busy getting ready for the first of our out-of-town summer visitors, but just wanted to pop in and say hi and ask the QOD:

Which do you prefer to drink in the good old summertime: hot tea/iced tea, hot coffee/iced coffee, soft drinks, or ice water?

My drink of preference should be ice water, but it's usually iced tea. It has been so blamed hot here lately and I've been working hard, so I really noticed today just how much iced tea I'm swilling.

Take care and goodnight!

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QOD: I love Fruit2O mixed with filtered water. Just that slight taste of something sweet (Peach, Cherry, Lemon...whatever) allows me to down 10-16 ounces at a time when I'm trying to get lots of liquid.

Milkdud, you might want to switch to decaf iced tea. Make a big pot of herbal will cool you down better than the caffeine-laced stuff, which always makes me hotter (temperature-wise...not sexier! haha)

Marci, I started 'strolling' again with my neighbor. We have a pennisula with a flat surface path which we have taken for two mornings this is almost 1 mile and we take it slow for my knee, but I'm 2 miles closer to PA!!!! haha

Raeanne, I'm still trying to talk DH into a short trip up by you this Fall. He's only interested if we can seek Rachael Ray!

Suzanne, been using that lovely bookmark you sent me. Had with me at the doc's office while waiting to have my BP taken Monday. Drives home my message of not giving up!

BJ, missing you again.............

Maddie, shopping for slot machine pins today!

[[[[[[[[[[[Joanne & Mom]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Besh, please check in and let us know how the plans are going.

Hello to Gretchen, Amy, John, Patti, Jen (know I've missed a bunch of you!)

Gotta run to a staff meeting.

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Morning everyone

Marci ~ I'd rather find a new ob/gyn than a new stylist.

Tikanas ~ how is your knee now that you are exercising more?

Maddie ~ I am so glad we got together and you were able to meet my family. DH thinks you are absolutely adorable. He liked Roger too but since we hardly stopped talking long enough to take a breath he really didn't get much of a chance to visit with him...LOL

milkdud ~ enjoy your company.

QOD~ water, iced tea, iced coffee, lemon or lime in sparkling water

I'm trying a different work schedule just for the summer, we'll see how things go, I'm working longer hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and taking Wednesdays off.

Hope everyone checks in even if it's just to say"hi"


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I'm checking in quick just to say hello to everyone and bring you up to speed with my life.

My mom passed away over the weekend. Fortunately I was able to get to her in time to spend some time with her and say my good-bye. She had a lot of health issues in the past several years, but somehow always amazed us and the doctors by bouncing back. I have to head back to Syracuse this weekend for a memorial service and a cocktail party (her request).

Make the most of your day!

PS - Dee - I will see what I can work out with Rachael LOL.

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[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Raeanne & family]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] My sincere condolences to you. You were a wonderful daughter to her. May she rest in peace with the angels.

Zig, forgot to mention you above....glad you had a good time with Maddie. Hope to meet you all someday myself!

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Raeanne, my sympathies to you and your family.

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(((Raeanne and family))) - I am sorry for your loss. Death, even though expected, still leaves a void and I hope you can fill that void with happy memories of your Mom.

QOD - Decaf iced tea with lemon & mint, ice water with lemon or sparkling water with 5 shots of SF DaVinci vanilla syrup over lots of ice.

Besh - When does your summer start? I just finished an Anne Tyler audio book. I wasn't sure how I would like listening to a book, but I enjoyed it. I have listened to it while walking, on the computer, cleaning and in the car. Now I think I am hooked and want to go see what other gems I can find at the library.

DeeMarie - I had an early Dr's appointment so I am not any closer to NJ today. Since you are coming to PA, we can meet halfway! LOL Janet Evanovich's new book comes out at the end of the month and I am saving one of my gift cards to get it. Don't buy it, I will send my copy along to you when I am finished.

I have to have a follow up colonoscopy since it has been three year since they removed a pre-cancerous polyp. Oh what fun. NOT! But the alternative is less fun, so I will look on the postive side. I once saw Robin Williams do a skit about colonoscopy surgery and the after effects and I laughed so hard I cried. I wish I had a copy of it.

Milkdud - Have fun with your company.

Donna - Where are you?

NHSuzanne - How are our chicks coming along. I bet they are getting big already. Do you have any pictures of them to share.

Zig - Make the most of your day off. Did you and Maddie take any pictures for our album?

Speaking of the album, it needs some new pictures. I think some of you said you had pictures to send me. If you get a chance, send them along and I will add post them.

DH and I are cleaning out the garage today. What fun. NOT! LOL Better go change into my work clothes.

Hello to all I missed.


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I guess it is time to stop lurking and start posting!

(((Raeanne)))), I am so very sorry for your Mom's passing. I am glad that you were able to say your goodbyes. I'll be thinking of you and your family this weekend.

QOD: I drink Ice Coffee all year. I'm not a big fan of hot drinks, unless it is really good hot chocolate (ofcourse!). I drink water and sometimes Caffeine Free Diet Coke if I need something to tie me over to the next meal.

Marci, we get out of school June 23. We have a couple of snow days to make up and fortunately the state waved the Flood Day that we had a couple of weeks ago, if they hadn't we would have had to go back for a Monday. I just finished reading The Tenth Circle by Jody Picoult. It was ok. BJ may like it because there is a lot of information in it about Alaska. Right now I am reading a couple of young adult novels. This summer I will read some more "adult" type things.

Dee, the plans are going well. I finally got my dress. That was the most stressfull thing of all the planning. The shower invites went out this week and everything else seems to be on schedule. Thanks for asking.

I finally started walking again yesterday. I walked out my front door and went 15 minutes in one direction then turned around and came back. My neighbor saw me and called later to say she started walking the day before and did I want a buddy. Absolutely! So now neither of us has an excuse not to walk. I'm looking forward to it. Ofcourse today it is pouring buckets and I'm not going anywhere!

I have given up dieting (Dee, don't panic). I'm just not following a program. I am making healthier choices and following some of the rules that I have learned from various programs (mainly South Beach and WW Core). Dieting gives me permission to cheat and blow it and then wait until the next day to start again. I am getting too old to continue to do that. This is huge for me, since I have been dieting on some plan or another since I was about 14!

Milkdud, I got your email. You are so sweet, I will respond right after this.

Got to fly. We have a friend from Florida that will be staying with us for an extended weekend, and the house is less than presentable. Hello to all. I have missed you and promise to post more often.

Love, Besh

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Hi all!

Raeanne--I am so very sorry that your mom passed. Mine left 16 years ago in April, and it gets better, but I think the hurt of the loss will always be there. There is a 2 week period every year (between her b-day and passing) that I am a horrible person to be around. I try not to be, but I give my self permission to mourn and grieve, and it seems to lessen as the time goes by. I'm sending you love and hugs, my friend, and you're in my prayers-- ((((hugs)))

QOD--oh gawd--this is my ab-so-lutely worst habit. I love, love, love sweet iced tea. The sweeter and syrup-ier the better. I hope and pray that I will never become diabetic b/c this will be the death of me. I told Rog that when I do go, they won't hafta embalm me, they can just re-fill me with sweet tea! LOL! Milk is next, and then water.

Dee--snap, snap--you're already hot! Remember, I've seen your pic! :):) And I have both gold and silver pins, if that's what you're looking for--

We had a great time in Cincy and Dayton. The Air Force museum is awesome (and it didn't hurt a bit that there were good-looking pilots in flight suits wandering around!!) The Princess Diana exhibit was breathtaking. The objects came from her ancesterial home of Althorp, and it was so cool to see some of her things, like a diary before she became engaged to Charles, real pictures of her, and ballet shoes. But the best was her wedding dress with all the accessories and the tiara. Dazzling! They also has some of the condolence books that were from all over the world--how sad.

Things are still the same here, but I still have faith that what I want is going to happen. :):) I just feel it, for some reason.

Hope all is well!



Zig--tell DH & DS that I said Hi! :):)

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((((((Raeanne)))))) I am so sorry for your loss! You will be in my thoughts and prayers today. This is never easy! I am so glad that you were able to say goodbye.

Wish I was there to help you out and to give you a REAL hug....


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Hello all,

Wow, we are hearing from mia's this week!

Raeanne, (((((((hugs)))))) - I hope your mother's passing was peaceful and I wish you and yours peace.

I have been busy, busy and I am not sure why because I haven't been able to ride in two weeks! It's raining non-stop. Today it's just drizzling but more rain is on the way.

My babies are doing well. They are a little over two weeks old now! They are starting to develop thier wings and I can get 3-4 of them to sit in my hand at once! I am just loving this - much more than I ever imagined.

I promise pix soon.

I will try to check in later to see what everyone is up to for the weekend.

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My Goddaughter could use your vote!

If you get a few minutes, could you please send an email to: and tell them you'd like to see KingBaby for the Street Scene in San Diego in August.


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Raeanne, this has been one difficult week for you and I want you to know that I am thinking about you. I hope you get little time to yourself to rest and reflect. You know where to find me...


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Morning everyone

Raeanne ~ My continued thoughts and prayers for you and your family. ((((HUGS)))) May the love and concern of those who love and care about you and your family bring you comfort and peace.

Marci ~ I thought about pictures, but not until Maddie and Roger were out the driveway and on their way home :-( If the go fisihing in the fall picutes will be the first thing we do before we get to gabbing...LOL

Maddie ~ DH wants to know how long it took you guys to break out the fudge

Besh ~ good luck on not dieting and exercising. I have "dieted" for as long as I can remember only to find myself getting bigger and bigger until I started SSing almost 7 years ago. I may have a day or 2 when I don't follow it to the letter and eat some funky stuff but I've never strayed for more than a few days in a row. I realize I may not be as small as I dream of being, but I am a lot smaller and healthier than I have been in a very long time. Losing the weight was never that difficult but keeping it off was the problem until I found a way of eating that worked for me.

NHSuzanne ~ my in laws always had chicks when they lived on the farm I love them while they a little but not as much when get bigger, especially the roosters.
Have a nice weekend everyone


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Raeanne - You and your family continue to be in my thoughts. I was walking this morning and I just kept thinking about you and what you must be feeling. I hope the memorial service goes well and you can honor you mother's life.

We just got back from a giant flea market and all I got was a cantaloupe, 4 zucchini and a pound of string beans. We drove 30 miles, spent $5 on gas and saved $2 on the produce. LOL But I had fun going and looking. Was hoping to find some good paperback books for a $1 but nothing interested me.

We stopped to see DH's car (his '62 Nova) that was just painted. It still needs a final sanding and then buffed, but it is looking good. Hopefully DH can bring it home in a few weeks and start putting all the trim back on. I know he is itching to drive it. It has been in a state of disrepair since the fall.

Our garage looks like it belongs to someone else. DH and I threw so much stuff away we had to help the garbage collectors this morning. Yesterday a guy in a pick up truck took a filing cabinet and 2 lawn chairs. Someone this morning took an old window screen. All had seen better days, but one's man junk is another man's treasure. I just know that I have lots more room to get in and out of my car. Told DH that I felt like I was in the wrong garage. He is worrying that in two weeks he will need something that I convinced him to throw away! LOL

I made pulled pork and coleslaw for dinner. Now I need to make some BBQ sauce and snap the beans I just bought. This is going to be a good dinner. Come on over, I have plenty. I still haven't mastered cooking for two. LOL

(35 miles closer to NJ)

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Hello all,

Raeanne, you must feel the love here with all the thoughts and prayers going your way. I hope you are at peace my friend.

Besh, are you growing gills and fins yet?

Marci, I am so hungry and your dinner sounds delicious! I wish I could be "right over". Doesn't it feel good to get rid of the junk?

Zig, I have met some very nice, and mellow roosters. I have learned from others that there are good and bad and that a good one can turn bad from some human error like mishandling, etc. We do have one rooster that we are aware of I hope the others are all girls! I love plump hens milling around the yard and I have been handling these babies each day so I hope they will stay sweet. We shall see.
I am so glad it's Friday and I can't wait to go home! It hasn't been a bad week just long. The rain is dragging us all down here and we are expecting anther 2" or more and are under yet another flood watch! Then it should clear out over the weekend. I am done with this!

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(((Raeanne))) Hugs to you and your family. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Gotta run,


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Hi Everyone,


Marci - where in NJ are you walking to??!!

These last few weeks have been long and hard - I will definitely check in over the weekend.

Hugs to all who need (and those that don't)!!


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Hi all!

Well, I just got back from a job fair at the most interesting place--

FRENCH LICK!! They are opening a huge floating casino there, and are upgrading both hotels, and they're hiring like mad. I stood in line for almost 4 hours to fill out an app, then I got 3 interviews, and I'm supposed to call them back next Friday! (Yes, I am still ahnging in with the auctions, but I gotta pay bills until we can get the company off the ground!) I kept thinking of everyone who was going to go, and I could just imagine what fun we would have had! :):)

Zig--actually, I thought about the camera about Lansing! D@mnit! We will take pics next time! :) Hmmmmm.... or should I say ummmmmmmm.... fudge........ Well, we hit home about 5:30am, and then hit the sack! We got into it Weds afternoon, and believe it or not, there's still some left (which I am jealously guarding!!) Man--Joann's was the best! :):) I think next time I'm going to sneeze all over one of the trays and try to claim it as mine! LMAO!
Where is Beege, Amy and John? Gretchen? Lynn?



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Just a quick check in.... I lost 3 lbs this week! Time to beef up the exercise even more!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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