Horrible smell from dryer

earthwormSeptember 14, 2002

Turned out to be a mouse that had died atop the plastic hot air duck ..

What a stink !! Trouble is, the stench is still lingering, maybe it's impossible to clean that plastic.


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There is a product that we use called NILODER. It neutralizes the mousy smell in the quansat and the garage. My dad used to use in the truck, as well to get rid of that cow dropping smell that used to stick to his boots. Don't know if it will get rid of a baked in smell on plastic, but is worth a try. We get it at the farm supply store and co-op.


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Earthworm: That would be a hot air DUCT,
A hot air duck is well, oh, I better not say!

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LOL Bet would not smell any better either! LOL

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I am leaving the dryer open for awhile, Hopefully all the mice and ducks will just leave and not stink up the joint. Adrian

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If that is the duct from your dryer to the outside, you should be replacing it anyway. they are a fire hazard. Replace it with an expandable metal one right away!!!!
Kathy G in MI

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Sorry about the belated reply, KG in MI, The plastic duct is machine internal. The actual exhaust portion is all steel, 4" heavy exhaust pipe, just as cheap and much better than standard dryer kit flex vent hose.

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