TV Pic is Off Center Some Channels

mxyplxJuly 13, 2009

We get TTA digital TV. TV set is Digital - Insignia. No Box. Here's what we see:

Channel 7.001 pic os off center to the left.

Channel 7.002 pic is dead on center.

Channel 9.001 pic is off center to the left

Channel 9.002 pic is dead on center.

The pics are good quality. The X.001 channels will show a pic with maybe the left part of a face or label or sign partly off screen.

The same pic on the X.002 channels are centered.

What's happening?

Can't find this on Google - maybe just can't cough up the right seach term.

Emailed the stations - no answer.

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Just a guess here.

Make sure you don't have one of the picture modes on. They may be called wide, zoom, wide-zoom, stretch, full, etc.

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Thanx - I checked that out and found:

The 002 stations are set on 4:3 - can't be changed - screen completely filled.

The 001 stations are on Zoom with the screen completeley filled. Changing to 4:3 results in black stripes each side and pic distorted vertically. Changing to 16:9 results in black border all around but the pic is centered though smaller.

Book says don't leave the borders very long as the screen may take a permanent set.

And on Zoom, "The right and left side of the picture may be hidden." Well here it is only the left side.

So that must be the problem. So looks like we'll have to live with it.

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> Changing to 16:9 results in black border all around but the pic is centered though smaller

That's the way it should be by default ...

If there'a a 4x3 movie you really want to watch full-screen, change it to stretch for that movie only.

Black borders won't "set" anything...

If you were to "forever" watch 4x3 (with white borders) in the 16x9 mode (without ever changing to the non-border mode), then it may eventually burn an image on the screen, but not so much with LCD's and it would take a long time

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White borders? Only saw black.

It's a CRT TV. Got a curved screen too.

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