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nhsuzanneJune 13, 2005

Good Morning Everyone,

Check in and let us know how your weekend was.

DeeMarie, my thoughts are prayers are with you and your family. I am glad that you and DH were able to say goodbye. Glad you are home safe and sound.

Okay, can we say HOT? I can barely stand it anymore. We broke down and bought and A/C for the bedroom. Something I never imagined I would have to have here in NH. I have been riding at 5am to beat the heat but the air is so heavy and dense that the mosquitos, deer flies, horseflies, and black flies are biting me through my clothes!!! The horses are miserable, we just can't win.

Yes, I live in the bug mecca of New England I think. It's like a jungle.

Supposed to break on Wednesday.

I am leaving for Acadia National Park on Thursday morning and I can barely wait!! I have been busy packing my trailer and getting ready. The girls are quite fit and ready to go too. I don't know what it is this year but their coats are so shiny and gorgeous.

I hope we hear from everyone this week. Gretchen, Jen you two really have been MIA. Let us know if you are okay. Besh, are you out there? I hope you have a boat in the water for this weather!

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((((((DeeMarie))))))) Glad you loved Victoria! Let me know next time you're there and I'll hop the 'fast boat' up to there!

NHSuzanne~ I loved hiking in Acadia National Park! So, so, so , so, SO beautiful! Have Fun!

The weekend was great here. Weather was mildly overcast with some sprinkles. The kids and I went to the pet store and the Greyhound Rescue was there, with a half dozen dogs to pet and fall in love with. We had a great time talking to them and the kids loved the dogs. We went there to get a cold tank and a warm tank and that's what we did! We conditioned the cold tank (my 14 y.o. DD's) and yesterday she got her fish. The tropical tank won't be ready for a few days; we're growing some bacteria in it right now so the fish will survive when we put them in. Anyway, it's all very exciting. I haven't had tropical fish in about a million years!

DH and I are planning a trip to Hilo, Hawaii this summer with teh kids...should be fun. We made reservations at the hotel last night and booked an airline trip. He'll get the car rez today. Summer's the off season, so the rates are LOW! Exciting and what an incentive to continue to drop weight!!!!!

School is winding down here. Marci, have you painted?????? Next week is the last week. That makes scheduling so much easier. But it also brings household repairs, etc to the top of the "to do" list!

Raeanne~ Your kayaking trips sound SO good. I'm totally jealous, of course! I love kayaking. Hey, speaking of kayaking, where's Tikanas?

And where's Jen with reports of our little adopted nieces that we love to pieces?

Maddie, John, how goes the battle?

Besh~ Sunmer reading list for us gals and the teens? We loved your suggestions last year!

Well, gotta fly!

********CHECK IN!***********

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I am here, but not. I hate to even complain because it was so cold here a week ago, but it is sooooooooooo hot and the humidity and pollen count is off the charts. I have not been on my computer much, just too flippin hot. It is supposed to break in a day or two. Too much too fast.

((((((((((((DeeMarie))))))))))))I am so sorry about your FIL. I hope that you and your family are doing well. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Zoe (DDog) had surgery last week and is doing very well. I had to take a day off from work on her first day home and baby her (the vet recommended it!).

BJ, I will get back to you with some reading suggestions. I can't remember what I told you last year, so let me know what you and the girls read and liked and I will take it from there. There is so much good new literature for young adults these days. I wish I had more time to read it all. Hawaii sounds great. Will you be near Amy?

I am down, drum roll please, 18 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! I am stunned. I have not done this well in so long, I feel great. My pants are getting baggy! ;-)

Suzanne, have an awesome trip! I hope that you have perfect weather.

My fingers are literally sticking to the keyboard so I am going to run. Hello to everyone and (((HUGS)))all around!

Love, Besh

How about Michael Jackson? I just heard. Not guilty????????

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Hi goils!

DeeMarie--(((((hugs)))) to you and DH. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, but what a blessing that DH got to see him. I, too, believe that people can wait for a special day to pass, or to see a loved one one last time.
BESH!!! WOW!!! Congrats on the loss! How great that must feel!

BJ--ummmmm.... Hawaii.....I can almost feel the sand as I write.....:):) I love Grayhounds, don't you? I went to the local Golden Retriever rescue site the other day, and I found a 9yo boy and an 8yo girl that want--no room, and no money, but I can love 'em from a distance! :)

Job--well, nada. Seems I am in nevernever land as too experienced for some, not enough for others. I'm so glad the economy is doing so well; I'll be in a cardboard box if it gets any better! (sarcasm off) But, i have all faith that things will get better. :):)

Yeah--it's hot here, too. 90 and the humidity is really up--we had storms over the weekend, which made it more sticky.

Where is Jen? Patti? John? Amy? Anyone ever hear from Happytoo? Karen?



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Our town is under a State of Emergency, due to the heavy rain - several main roads and many side roads were washed away last night. The school is closed nad is now a shelter for the 50 families that had to be evacuated (that's is a lot, since we only have 2000 residents). I am fine where I am, but I don't know how far I can go - unfortunately, I know I can make it to work LOL.

BJ - Hawaii sounds very good to me! Good for you.

Besh - you are awesome with that 18 pound loss. Glad Zoe made out well.

Maddie - I will send some positive thoughts your way for a job to come your way soon.

My phone hasn't stopped ringing, so I better run. Lot's of people are wondering about friends, so I better get busy locating some of them.

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I wanted to wish you a great trip to Acadia - I love that place - although I haven't been there in years.

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Air conditioner isn't working in the house or the car!!!! I am hot and sticky. So like Besh, I don't feel like sitting at the computer and having my fingers stick to the keyboard!!

Hopefully we will get the house air fixed soon! Repair people are swamped though.

BJ - Yes, I painted. Nixed the idea of the daybed (the free one turned out to be a futon and I didn't like it) so I just ordered a small sleeper sofa. I think it will look good but DH keeps fussing over the fact that the futon was free and the sofa wasn't. I told him to get over it! LOL

I am too hot to cook and to tired to eat. I would eat popsicles all day if I could. I did eat a big bowl of ice cream and my stomach is letting me know it didn't like it. I forgot to take my Lactaid Ultra.

John - My glycemic index book came in the mail but I haven't had a chance to look at it closely. I am trying to make good choices when comes to carbs and this seems like a healthy way of eating. I don't have a dietary reason other than that. I probably could have explained my reasons better, but I am too hot to think clearly!

I just finished a giant mailing for my sister and I have to go deliver it. Thanks heavens the air was working while I tabbed and labled over 4000 mailers.

Gotta run,

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Marci--I'm in the same boat with you re: car A/C. Although, mine hasn't worked since 2001. I just looove having to dress up and then get in my rolling sauna. Scheech! My makeup melts and my hair frizzes up--lovely way to go to work or now, to an interview.


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Hi Folks,

Well it went from 90 and humid to 50 gray and windy.... wont be needing the AC today! This is my long weekend off so I hope the sun comes out in moderation.

Ive been reading about the Four corners diet, used to be called Go -diet. Its basically a lower carb diet that supports eatting more mono fats and 25 grams of fiber a day along with foods that they consider to have exceptional value like kefir, yougurt and buttermilk. Im not sure what kefir is but it sounds creepy! Anyhow, the more I read about it the less realistic it sounds, its suppose to be a way to eat for the rest of your life, and not just a diet. However they limit you to 50 grams of carbs but you can eat as many calories as you want! as long as they come from veggies and lean meats and more veggies. Im not sure about the rest of you, but if I could Live on only lean meats and 5 or 6 servings of veggies a day, I wouldnt Need a "way of eatting". Maybe I just need to deal with the fact that as a diabetic my body just cant handle food like pasta, rice and bread, but it sure seems a crappy way to live. The other problem I have is that good carbs like whole grains and brown rice and so on, are filling foods for the caloric punch. With them Ive been eatting around 1800 calories a day. The low carb diets say I can eat up to 2200 or more a day. Calories are calories to me, and the only way to lose is to burn off more than you eat, least I thought.. However they say that this way of eatting helps keep blood sugars stable and gears your body up to burn stored fat. Im going to give this a shot for a couple weeks and see how it goes, atleast its summer and good veggies are abundant and local. I think part of me is just mad and stubborn that I cant just eat what I want anymore, I could deal with the fact that poor eatting habbits were just keeping my weight up, but now its about my health and if I dont drop the extra pounds kidney and heart troubles are in my near future. OK thats enough blubbering from me, no pun intended.

Amazing that its already half way through June! time flies when your having fun, and here in NH the flies are black and have big teeth!

Any vacation sounds lovely to me, but the budget simply wont allow it this summer, other than day trips in the kayak and maybe a couple camping weekends. I can cash in vaca time at the end of the year so Ive been saving mine to do so, I really want to pay off that last credit card and get into a condo or house next year, I want a decent size kitchen and a place of my own to work on.

Has anyone been watching Trading spaces lately? Since they fired Page Davis, ive been on strike and refuse to watch the show, just wondering how they are doing without her. It hasnt been easy without my weekley dose of that bundle of perk in a half shirt :(

Well time to wrap up things at work and call it a day.

I hope you all are staying as cool as possible. Grab a sweater NHSuz, you wanted cooler weather...

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Good Morning All,

I love that it's cooler!!! Actually, it's downright chilly but I am going to enjoy it! My horses were able to enjoy their time on the pasture last night without bugs eating them alive. It's all good. Now, if only we could have some sun with these temps it would be near perfect!

John, so right about the black flies and the mosquitos are the size of B52 bombers here in Hancock. As far as vacation goes I always think that we are lucky to live in a place where people come for vacation. There is so much to do around here; so many lakes and wild, beautiful areas you don't have to go far to be on vacation! Where are you kyacking?

Marci and Maddie, I hope you get your a/c fixed soon. Hopefully, you are having cooler weather too.

This is my last day at work!! The trailer is packed and ready to roll so tonight I can relax and maybe get 8 hours sleep!

I will check in later.

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BJ - you live in the 4th healthiest city in the US according to WTG.

It has been way too quiet around here lately - what is everyone up to?

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Hi All,

Just a quick note of interest. Have any of you heard about the statues that TV Land has been erecting in honor of some old TV shows? Last year they did one for Mary Tyler Moor in Minneapolis and one for Andy Griffith, wherever it was that his show was filmed (I don't think there really is a Mayberry is there?) Well yesterday they erected a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery sitting on a broomstick with a moon behind her in down town Salem. "Tabitha, Dr. Bombay and Louise Tate" were here for the ceremony along with 1,000 other people. There were many that were protesting it as well. Never a dull moment here in Salem. When I get near it, I will post some pictures of her for you all to enjoy!

Love, Besh

PS - We had a 40 degree drop in temperature. 20 would have been nice, but this is nuts. Got to love New England!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bewitched

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Besh! I saw the story on and was going to ask if you'd gotten a peek at it yet! Some people think it's coming just at the right time to promote the new "Bewitched" movie. Whatever. I loved the show and my oldest DD is named Tabitha! How bad is that? I think Elizabeth Montgomery deserves to have a statue and only wish she was alive to see it! Now, in Seattle, we have Jimmy Hendrix's childhood home sitting on a city lot rotting----oh, well. Every city has its priorities and we need a gosh-dang monorail, for crying out loud! lol!

BTW, congrats on your weight loss. It's pretty fun, eh? And when I read about your choking incident, I was a bit shaken. Wow! Close call. Glad you are GOOD now!

Raeanne~ I've been trying to get more hours and finally the state accepted my paperwork to make me an official apprentice, so I am SO jazzed about that! I don't exactly see the HEALTHY people in my biz, but I believe you when you say I live in a healthy city! I throw my bike in my truck when I work and ride through the cemetery on the breaks. I see SO many joggers, bikers, and walkers running for their lives through the cemetery! I work in one of the most beautiful wildlife-filled places in the city and it really is peaceful and full of action! Foxes, birds, squirrels, and rabbits... There are fountains and gardens and it's amazing. I love it and am so happy to go to work when they call! OH! I was going to ask you if you were kayaking this weekend. I saw a bumper sticker that you, John, and Tikanas should get! :

"A Little Paddling Once In A While Can Be A Good Thing!"

-on a truck with a kayak on top. Twisted, for sure.

NHSuzanne~ Have a great, restful vacation in Acadia! Write about it upon your return.

Marci! You're supposed to be taking it easy! Enjoy your new sofa bed! Maybe DH can try it out if he gets too whiney!----Just kidding!

Maddie! Your hair would look gorgeous in ANY weather, silly! Who cares about the freakin' A/C?

John~ I thought Paige quit to spend more time with her kids ---- huh????? Must have been the spin.... You'll find another love, really. Have you watched the new chefs of Food Network? I TiVoed it to watch later. You should be in their next audition. With your sense of humor, you'd make a great TV Chef! Your first dish would be

'Creamed Kitty A La John-o'....

I'm sure.

Well, I've run off at the key board long enough, so I'll sign off now. I'm down 17 1/2 pounds since I started exercising and eating smaller portions in 6 meals a day.

Hawaii is nearer and nearer...and I want to be ready.....

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Just checking in....what a week.

Some good news: My niece graduated high school last night; what a doll! She got numerous awards and we're so proud of her. It was a nice ending to a hectic week.


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Besh - I loved Bewitched and Elizabeth Montgomery - I am glad she is being remembered - she left us way too early - I think she was 62.

BJ - I will try to paddle tomorrow - got up too late today - we had company last night and yesterday morning was raining (for a change NOT). I am glad that you are enjoying your apprenticeship and the cemetery sounds lovely - what a great idea to ride your bike through it - you are always thinking. WTG on the kids diet plan LOL.

DeeMarie - glad there was some sunshine in your life this past week.

I am going to work early, to play catch-up. Have a great weekend!

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Good Saturday morning!

BJ--I must have missed this or I am senile, but what is your apprenticeship for? And I love one of our local cemetaries, too. One of my professors is a local historian, and he led us on a bus tour on day, many years ago--Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame) is buried right down from my parents--and thanks for the complement about my hair, but you should see me now---

I am sunburned to the point that I have actually faded out my color b/c I am redder than it is!!! LOL!!! Thank heavens I did have sunscreen on (and yes, I kept reapplying it) and a hat on (or my face would be a mess), but oowwie on my legs--(Although, tanned fat really does look better than white fat! LOLOL!!) And congrats on your weight loss--I know it sounds silly, but that's how I lost my 25 pounds last year, eating 6 small meals a day, and excerising. (I did the Body-for-Life program--a very sensible outlook/plan).

It's just stunning here---no humidiity, highs in the upper 70s, the sky is so blue that it hurts your eyes--I wanted to go camping, but since we have a command preformance tomorrow for Father's Day, we gotta go up to his parents. (And I'll bet this is the last nice weekend before mid-September, too).

Hope this finds all well! :):)



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Well, it does not pay to be MIA around here! My ears were burning and sure enough..... it's nice to be missed, BJ! I would love a bumper sticker like that.

I have been up to my eyeballs in work. the goal is to get my newest business( I started a CPR, First Aid and Safety instruction biz)up and running before summer's end. So far, so good. I promise to check in here to finish this up tomorrow. It's DS' turn on this confounded machine... Oh well, I promised him!


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