my car doesn't play homemade CDs!

vacuumfreakJuly 13, 2008

I wonder if there is a fix for this. I recently got a car from 1999 and the factory CD player will not play CDs that I've made in Itunes. The CDs (CD-Rs are what I used) will play just in a regular CD player in the apartment, but the car does not recognize them. Anyone have a clue as to how I can work around this? I didn't *steal* this music, I paid 99 cents per song... I'd like to be able to use it the way I want to. Do you think recording the music to CD-RW instead of CD-R discs would help?


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Not all players can handle all formats of recordable CDs. Check the specifications of your car player, or you'll have to experiment. CD-R, CD+R, and recordables specifically for data and music. CD-RWs are probably the least likely to work, but never know until you try.

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I just started using iTunes myself, so I only know enough to be dangerous. I do know that iTunes converts files to an Apple format. Maybe that's what your car player doesn't recognize. I don't know if you can get iTunes to burn a disk in another format. If not, you may be able to use another music player program to convert the files to MP3, then burn them to disk for your car. Of course all this would be moot if our older cars (I have a '98) could easily accomodate an iPod. You can do it now with an FM adaptor for your car, which I understand are hit-or-miss. Hope this helps. Steve

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I had an issue with iTunes so I switched to Charter music and am very much satisfied. And yes, my factory car CD player gets along just fine with my home-burned CDs.

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If your cds will play in a regular household player, and the player does not say "mp3/cd-r/rw compatible" chances are your cds are formatted as regular cds not mp3 disks - does that sound right? Did you convert the files to be regular cd type files, or did you just burn the mp3 files to disk as is?

Some car cd players won't play burned disks at all, most newer ones specify that they can; and what formats. I had a 99 VW Golf, and some played, some didn't but mostly it was ok but that was not so much by design.

The disks you use make a difference, avoid heavy/dark dye/base layers, the more silver looking (like commercial cds) the better.

Ipod or similar may have to be your workaround. The slightly reduced quality (mp3 is a lossy format) you get used to, and having the range of songs, random play and eliminating need to change cds probably make it worthwhile.

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Sorry I didn't explain myself there, I was wondering if you'd burned your disks as audio cds, or "mp3 disks," data disks that contain mp3 files, cd or dvd. Lots of home and portable players will play these (usually specially marked) without issue.

Ipod or similar might be easier.

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I put CDA (CD Audio) files on Memorex Music CD-Rs and have had no problems playing them in any audio player. CDs that do not bear the words 'Digital Audio' may automatically record as data disks.

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I use Memorex CD-R CDs and my computer (Windows 7 and Windows Media Player) recognize the CD, but my car (1998 Honda CR-V) and any CD player in my house does not recognize it. Please, any help is appreciated.

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