Answering machine repair around Scottsdale?

ccarrollJuly 3, 2007

This is a long shot, but ...

I know, I know, don't tell me that I should toss my answering machine and get a new one. This is a very well-made old Panasonic model that's better than most new versions, and I'd like to get it fixed.

Are there any people still around that do little fix-it repair job like this, preferably mid-Scottsdale or East Phoenix?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Just Curious:

Would this be the older Panasonics that had the casette tapes? I own two of these machines, and they have the same problem: I hear a repetitive clicking noise, caused by the transport mechanism pepeatedly engaging and disengaging.

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I wasn't gonna suggest getting a new answering machine, I was going to suggest this technology called "voice mail." I have an internet phone and a cell phone (no land line) and both come with voice mail for free. I'd wager you can get a similar deal from your service provider.

Then it occurred to me that maybe you like to "screen" the calls (I use Caller ID for that), which is why you use the answering machine. If that's not the case, go with voice mail.

To get it fixed, you are most likely going to have to contact Panasonic.

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