What caused so MUCH unbelievable dust???

chuehSeptember 1, 2009

I replaced a lot of things, including carpet, flooring, windows, and paint last year. Yesterday, my tenant moved out. I went there to clean it, and I could not believe how much dust the house has collected. It is not a layer, but balls and balls of dust on walls, vents, corners, the ceiling fans, and ceilings. They were dark gray in color. This house is not in a busy traffic area; how could it collect so much dust? It has only been ONE YEAR.....

This is the first time I have ever seen so much dust. What happened? Can anyone figure this out?


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Someone didn't do any house cleaning while they were living there is my guess.

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My guess is same as maryland irisman, don't dust for a yr & really builds up!! I went to clean up old man's 2 unused bedrooms as they were going to have a reunion & relatives were going to stay in them. He had closed them day his wife died & never had opened them again. Lots of dust 1 window was rather drafty, I think it had small break & piece had fallen out. Also his wife had been sick for yr or 2 before she died so may not have been cleaned for up to 4 yrs. Dust balls, spider webs, dirt on window sills. It took long time & elbow grease to get them clean. Lot of pics of the family on the wall in 1 room so took each down & cleaned them also.

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