What happened to my foot you ask?

helencolbyJune 17, 2009

I did a dumb thing and went out to my porch/deck to do soemthing in my bare feet. When I did, I ended up getting a 2 x 4 sized splinter in the foot, but it didn't go just in just beneath the skin, it went in at an angle and quite deep too. I tried to pull it out to no avail and ended up in the ER. They gave me a shot in my foot to numb it that hurt more than the darned 2 x 4 in my foot !! It raised this wide old body right up off the guerney. Anyway they had to cut into my foot the get the thing out, sort of like mini surgery. They gave me another shot in the butt for infection actually before they even started to pry that thing loose. The doctor there told the nurse to go get a log chain and mule to pull that tree out of my foot !! They do have a nice sense of humor there anyway. LOL

I can finally get a shoe on and it is healing a lot faster than I though it would. So today, I am going to try to get out of the house and take a little walk, even if it is just around the yard. Cabin fever is setting in and although DH is wonderful at taking care of me, it is getting to be just a bit cloying. I just need to do for myself again.

So, there you have it. My calamity for the week last week. LOL But it could have been lots worse, so I am grateful that it wasn't.

Thank you all for asking.


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wowwww, Helen , That was overwhelming .. Take care .. If you feel you are missing ur exercise routine, you can still sit on a chair and do some weigh training for biceps, triceps with a 5 pound dumb bell. That would keep up your metabolism up . :-))

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Jasmi, I have been doing exactly that ! I would die or sheer boredom if I didn't do something physical. That's probably why I still managed to lose what I did this week.


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Man! That hurts me just thinking about it. I have run out to do something barefoot too. But, not anymore. I'm always fussing at my young grandson for doing it too. I will be sure to share with him what happened to you. Get well soon.

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