Has anyone filed a roofing warrany claim?

susanelewisSeptember 29, 2010

We just received a pathetic settlement check in the mail that we have no intentions of cashing. We filed a warranty claim against Owens Corning when 14 years into a 40 year warranty our shingles started to crack. Our Solatube installer noticed it (thank goodness) and we filed a claim immediately. The check was for a little over $3k for a roof that is surely going to cost $12k to replace. The roofer is coming over in a couple days but we have a rough idea that the $3k will cover only a small fraction when we had 65% of the warranty fail.

Has anyone been involved in a roofing warranty claim? There is a class action suit against regarding these very shingles but that could drag on forever. I have left vm for the lawyer in Washington DC handling the suit plus I am completely willing to contact consumer advocates on every major tv channel in Detroit and Toledo.

It would be nice to know that they always make a lowball offer hoping the person will accept it but there is more money to be negotiated.

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About 3 months ago we submitted a claim on the Certainteed Class Action lawsuit. Our 14 yr old shingles are pitting, curling and catch in the wind and fly off. We've had an interior leak. I sent it the sample shingle and requested materials return receipt. While the post office tracked it and said it was delivered and received, I've never gotten the card back because the postman said they won't return the card till they actually look at it the product. So, we're waiting, but we've been told not to expect much. Our roofing estimates are in the $12000 replacement range - a little lower if we go with asphalt and higher if we go with steel. We're not counting on much and I'd say you're good to get the $3K. We've been told there are so many of the claims that they're inundated and it's a crapshoot if we get anything.

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I actually talked to the attorney Thursday who was part of the team that file the Certainteed Class Action suit. I think he said litigants may get somewhere around 80/square in compensation. We are getting an estimate today from a quality Owens Corning preferred contractor (that extends your warranty). OC bid 39 squares and they don't have a clue how many squares it will take. Well, I'll find out today for sure.

If I become part of the class action suit I'll forfeit my ability to negotiate one on one but just in case, the attorney has our information. However, this suit was just file in 2009 so judging by the Certainteed suit, it could take another 4 years.

So, our local roofing company is trying to interceed for us. And, the warranty dept is waiting to hear the exact squares needed. She also mentionned something about building in shingles into the deal so it does sound like you can negotiate....but probably not in a class action suit.

hilltop, you mentioned steel roofing. We are also looking at the Decra stone coated steel roofing. What did you hear or think about that? If OC gives us the free shingles plus the 3k (which would be completely fair IMHO) we'll forgo the steel, but otherwise, I don't want to go through this again and a steel roof looks enticing, although expensive.

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