vcr with 60' led tv

happsJuly 5, 2012

I am thinking about buying this 60" LED TV:

I still have a VCR and lots of VHS movies that I would like to keep and watch on this new television. However, the specs say it has 1 composite input (shared with component). When I saw the box at the store, it had a picture of the back of the tv with the inputs and I didn't see the word "composite" anywhere in relation to inputs. I also didn't see any yellow colored inputs , just red, blue, green and I think white in the component area. My VCR only has composite video capabilities. How can I connect it to this new television? Will I be able to use the VCR to record programs?

I will also be watching television using an over the air antenna (rabbit ears). Presently, I am using a DTV converter box with my ancient CRT television. Since, the new LED TV will have a DTV tuner built, in I will be able to discard the DTV converter box, but do these giant new LED's require a fancy, high powered antenna to get a strong, crisp signal/picture?

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You might want to take a look at the "quick set-up guide" for that TV. It does share the composite and component inputs, so that would give you a way to connect your VCR. It also has a traditional COAX connector.

I'm assuming you are using your VCR to record over the air broadcasts. So the hookup would be digital converter to VRC to TV.

I don't know a lot about antennas but I suspect you'll just have to try your current set-up and see how it works for you.

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While I'm a little late to the party, this television is seriously lacking some inputs. Two HDMI and one shared composite/component input ain't going to cut it.

You will end up needing video switching either via a stand-alone switcher or home theater receiver with video source switching to ever utilize this television for most normal applications.

BTW the antenna, if able to receive the signal adequately, does not care if the source is a DTV converter box or a large television display - it's all he same.

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Do u have room for a 60" set? Do u want to spend 1500 on tv? At least get a hd tuner from cable co. U can choose to watch nice new tv with rabbit ears but there is no good free programming. Espn, hgtv, tbs, TNT are not ota. The horrible picture quality from ota sd stuff will look even worse with a VCR fuzziness. Whew.

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