solar powered generator

eldemilaApril 5, 2006

I'd love to find information that I, a laywoman, can understand to try and build a solar powered generator for emergency use during hurricanes.

There was a guy on TV during out hurricane season last year that had a box he built out of wood with a bank of 6 or 8 sitting in the box and a few panels on top of the wood box.

Seemed the components are easy enough to get, but not sure of all that's needed. He was able to power quite a bit in his home without trouble.

I also read somewhere that you can charge the batteries with gas, or something like a dual gas/solar generator where you can charge the battery bank by gas if needed and a gallon of gas would be able to charge the bank in like 15 minutes.

Does anyone know of any good detailed easy plans to construct something like this inexpensively? I'd like to be able to power a fan, my fridge an outdoor freezer (can do one at a time and switch) the microwave for just a few minutes, coffee pot just enough time to make coffee, small TV and a lamp for lighting. This is basically what we used with our gas powered generator during the last couple hurricanes but I'd really like to have solar if it's feasible.

Thanks for any insight and information you could provide.

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Appreciate the info. How would I know how big of a unit I'd need to power what I want? Since I wouldn't be using all at once, how do you figure it all out?

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Like they said, go to, select "Files & Downloads", then select "promised files". Or just hit the link below. You want the "Load Calculation Articles" and the "Load Calc. Spreadsheet" Unlike the archives, these are free.

Here is a link that might be useful: HomePower promised files

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If you don't want to geek out on designing your own system, and it does take some thought and design to do it right, you could just buy one of these...

Here is a link that might be useful: PowerPod

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