Phillips with A8.0A chassis switching off after very short time

RobKarJuly 15, 2005

Its a model 29PT5683, it will shut down, and will not switch on again until its powered off from the main power button

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I don't find a service manuel for this set. Not US?

A likly problem would be a defective solder connection in the "horizontal" driver or output circuit. May also have defective connections on the vertical output IC. If the set had a bad part, it would not turn back on, for any reason.

One other thing that you may try, would be to reduce the "screen voltage" on the picture tube. There are two controls on the back of the high voltage transformer. The upper one is "focus" the lower one is the "screen" control.

Don't turn the control very much, not more than 10 minutes, as measured on a clock face. Turn the screen control counter clockwise, say from 9 to 7. If the set is turned too far in either direction, it will CAUSE the set to SHUT-DOWN.

It is a good idea to "mark" the location of the control, so that you can return it to its original position. I usually put a dab of "white-out" on the collar and control. After a couple of minutes, you can turn the control and also return it to the exact original position.

good luck,


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Hi Pee Wee,
thankyou for that, I'll follow that one up, I have service manuel for this set, and can pass it on to you if you like, its in PDF adobe format 5.1 Meg in size, I searched the net for days and found most of the downloads corrupted, but this ones OK.

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I noticed these posts and thought I put my two cents in. We have a similar problem except that after a few months the picture TV began to fade and distort and eventually went altogether. Took it to be serviced. They advised us that this unit has a Chinese picture tube that is known to blow after 5-7 years. Too expensive to replace. The guy had three of the same models on the bench with exactly the same problem. Told us that the other customers had told him they were too heavy to collect and left them there.

Did you have any luck with your set?


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