Putting the computer into the closet

doofusJuly 16, 2009


I'm getting a closet, that's sizable enough to have its own air-conditioning outlet. Which means, I can hide my (laud) computer in there for good, with only the silent monitors and the mouse/keyboard in my office.

I need the monitors and the other peripherals' cables to reach, though... These people let me design the custom faceplates and will gladly sell me all cables, except the longest USB and DVI cable they sell is 15 feet...

That's not enough for my case  although the office is adjacent to the closet, going through the walls directly is ruled out by the contractor (for plausible reasons). Only up through the attic from the closet and then back down into the office in the wall, where my desk is going to be.

Any suggestions? For example, people say, HDMI and DVI cables are interchangeable  is that true, or will I lose picture quality going from DVI-to-HDMI in the closet and then back from HDMI-to-DVI in the office?

What about USB? Can those cables by longer? Thanks for ideas. Yours, doofus

Here is a link that might be useful: DataPro custom faceplates

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Pooh Bear

For the USB problem, theoretically you could daisy chain powered hubs.
Connect a powered USB hub to the computer using a 15 foot cable.
Then connect another powered USB hub to that one.
Keep going like this to get where you need to be.
The maximum extension is 5 powered hubs.
This is all theoretical. (Disclaimer)

Or you could check out the website linked below.
I haven't used this product. I only found it in a web search.
This is my reference for this info.

Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Active Repeater Cable

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