Has anyone used Terminate diy termite control?

marti8aSeptember 22, 2001

I just picked up a flyer from Home Depot and wondered if it was any good.

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Good morning - haven't used it, but have looked at it. Very expensive - look at this web site for commercial/industrial strength insecticides/pesticides: PestProducts.com WARNING - YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING - these products are not homeowners products, they are the same products sold to the trade.

Have had great luck with them and their prices.


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i would never recommend treating termites yourself...leave that type of work to the professionals. You may save yourself money in the short term, but how much is your home worth?

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Termite treatment is best left to a licensed professional. It is worth the few extra dollars to have a professional so you can sleep at night knowing that your home, your major investment, is properly protected.

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I have used the Spectracide Terminate stakes for 3 years now and don't have any signs of active termite infestation. In addition, I do have a contract with a termite control company who does come out once/yr to inspect, as well. He wanted to sell me is baiting system for $600-$700 but I figure I can do that myself and let him worry about controlling any active infestations should I get any, but haven't had any in three years.

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Research tends to show that termite treatment is best left to a professional. For the small annual fee that an exterminator charges you have peace of mind that your home will be insect free.

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Check with your insurance -- they might not cover termite damage unless you have inspection and treatment by a licensed exterminator.

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