outdoor illuminated signs

jerseygirlwaJuly 25, 2012

Is there an inexpensive way to build an outdoor sign that's illuminated or flashing. Our business is moving to a location behind our present location and we won't be as visible from the main highway.

It has to be at least 4'x 8'.

Am I being unrealistic???

Thanks in advance

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If the sign is going to be on someone elses property,
make sure you have the legal right to have it there,
"IN WRITING", and signed by every official from all
the municpalities involved.

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sign will be on our property.

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You might be able to do something with rope lights and plywood, though 'inexpensive' runs the risk of just looking cheap.

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I'm glad the sign will be on your property.\
But round cheer, that is not enough. You have
to have the approval of the municipality before
erecting ANY sign. I'm just sayin..........

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