Rat/Squirrel in wall (from cellar?)

SimSportPlyrSeptember 19, 2013

There is a rat or squirrel (not sure which) in an exterior wall on the 2nd floor.

I can't find any entry points on or at the roof, so I'm not sure how they are entering the attic or wall.

There is an unscreened area of the crawl space under the house, though.

Is it possible that the critters would enter at the ground level and clijmb up 10' or so?

Thanks for any advice.

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Can't speak to the access they found, but from experience I can strongly encourage engaging a professional to assess the situation and set the appropriate traps. We had this same thing happen in an older home we owned (built in the 20's) and not to be gross, but one of the dang critters died in the wall after we were foolish enough to set out poison in the basement - let's just say as 'nature took its course' we had to move out of the house for 3 weeks due to the awful aroma. We never were able to identify exactly where the critter died or we would have opened up the wall immediately - but it impacted the entire 2200 sq ft living space.

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Helen, thanks very much for the feedback. I appreciate it.

This is a friend's house, and I have a feeling he'll need to get a pro involved.

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