solar lights with solar panel in Florida

downsouth1993April 3, 2008

Hi all,

Although we live in sunny Florida where the sun shines almost always, we live under a lot of trees (even considered a solatube for the inside of the house because it's so dark). We do receive sun in the backyard throughout the day but it will be on the patio for around 2 to 3 hrs, then that area will be shady and then it will move to the left of the grassy area for a couple of hrs, to the center, right etc. Dappled sun around the perimeter where most of the trees grow. There may be a few small areas where the sun shines up to 6 hrs. I believe I read somewhere that there are solar lights with solar panels, so you can put the panel in the sunny spot and the solar lights in the shady spots? but I can't seem to find them online (since we live in a small city the Home Depot here is pretty lousy so I buy most stuff online). Based on what I explained above, and if these exist how far can the lights be from the panel? I've read some backposts and I've learned that it's best to purchase glass covered solar lights and look for Bright White LEDS for maximum light and also use Batteries NIMH. I am just starting to investigate solars and would like to purchase a high quality set. These would not be security - just some light for ambiance and a little uplighting of the trees for backyard entertainment.

Thanks for any advise.

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most of them i have seen have a remote panel with a 10-15 foot cord.

you could also look into some low voltage lights and then power that with a small panel tha tcould be put just about anywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: a solar light source

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you can consider using 12V LED lightbulbs or 12V florescent light bulbs.

12V LED light bulb would not be as bright as 12V florescent bulbs, but take much less power.

you can power it with a 12v battery and have some panels charge the battery. im also thinking of doing that.

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Being in Florida like me, you should be adding a heat recovery unit to your central A/C system. It gives you free hot water and lowers your A/C cost at the same time....

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