skunk living under shed

blue_fastbackSeptember 25, 2006

How can I get a skunk that is living under my shed out and find a new home? I tried putting moth balls around the hole that he dug but he just moved them out of the way.

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Skunks don't stay in one spot for very long, I have had them on and off either under my shed or under my gazebo , give him a few weeks he will move on. They come out at dusk and home at dawn so we just avoid them til they leave. The only time they stay longer is when nesting but they still move on once babes are on their own, not too long. My dogs have always avoided their burrows.

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I had a resident skunk in the old house. There was a burrow under my shed but when I followed the skunk a few times, it usually went into the neighbors' yards and disappeared.

We ended up with a fairly amicable relationship. Since they are nocturnal, I just made sure that I made plenty of noise when taking out the trash after twilight. There was some smell on hot evenings when he was wandering around the yard but I never felt that I had to do something about getting rid of him. Her. Whatever.

However, the neighbors used their patio in the evening and were sometimes bothered about the smell (or perhaps feared that a crazed skunk would coming running at them to hose them down a bit).
In general, if you leave them alone, they'll mind their own business and will help rid your yard of slugs, crickets (to me, a bigger nighttime annoyance) and other bugs.

You can try pouring Lysol or something into the entrance, keeping in mind that this will contaminate the soil. Blocking the entrance may work but be sure that he's not in there when you do that and don't do it when there are babies! Pouring water in there will make his nest uncomfortable but, again, make sure he's not home at the time :)
If you must relocated it, it's probably best to call a professional pest control company.

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This skunk has been there 2 months or more. I think there were babies there but dont know if they are still there or not. I have heard of amonia soaked rags might drive him out.

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Ammonia would drive anyone out :)
The rags would be far better for the environment than mothballs or Lysol. Wouldn't hurt to try. I suggest pushing them under there with a broomhandle :)

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I trap skunks for a living. It is the best solution to your problem. It amazes me the different chemicals that people try before calling me. Mothballs, gasoline, amonia, etc.
Lysol is a new one on me. Why not motor oil or caro syrup? (I'm joking!)
Call in a professional, have them trapped and removed. Fill in the holes so you don't get new guests!

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We have trapped them in humane traps. Just put a towel or piece of cloth over the trap when you set it up. We've never had one spray when in the trap with a towel over it. Maybe because they cannot see us then. We call the Humane Society to come get it.

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