Olevia 26' LCD - Know about this brand?

winker58July 19, 2007

I am thinking about purchasing an inexpensive lcd tv for $500 that is 26". Does anyone know about this brand? The store told me it ranked up with Sony in consumer reports.

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One of the electronics magazines gave this set a good review. Said you get a lot of bang for the buck. Doesn't have everything that more expensive brands have so you should look at how you are going to utilize it...good luck!

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I have an Olevia 23" in my bedroom - it's been good to us and has a lot of bang for the buck. They tend to include some higher-end features at a lower price point, but don't expect the sun, moon and stars since you are going for a lower price point. Good picture quality on my set, 720p/1080i in a 23" looks awesome!
Overall, considering my personal experience as well as recommendations and reviews I've seen online, I would highly recommend Olevia LCD's to anyone.

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So for those of you who know the market better: It used to be you'd buy the fastest, biggest computer you could because upgrading was expensive and limited by the older technology and, so, you wanted to make sure the computer was usable as long as possible.

I don't watch a lot of TV or movies, but, when I do, I want it to look right. I'm still watching my circa-1988 Trinitron and, for what it is, I'm still happy with it. But I know eventually this TV will die or I'll want to buy a (digital) HDTV. Because of where the TV has to fit, it won't be a big one.

Does it make sense to spend $700-800 on a first-class 26" TV and use it for years and years? Or will I find whatever I buy technically-obsolete in just a few years and that I'll have spent money I didn't have to?

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To THEWGP: Do you know if it is hard to program the remote for satelite television? I have heard the cheaper LCD television are difficult to use with satelite and cable.

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