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aka_raeanneJune 26, 2006

Surprise! I haven't started this off in eons LOL.

This weeks challenge is to have everyone check-in. Come on your MIA's you know who you are.

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Good Monday Morning!

Thanks for starting us off today Raeanne. I headed out the door as soon as I got up to try and beat the rain. I need to run errands as soon as DH gets back from getting my car inspected. DD came home unexpectedly this weekend for a going away party for a friend. He is moving to Bradenton FL, 30 miles from my DS. Now DD wants to go to FL to visit them both. I told her that could be her graduation present.

Not much new here. I have been working on sewing projects, scrapbooking and reading. My pedometer tells me that I need to be more active. So I am trying to get up and move around more. But I don't have time to be creative during the school year, so I need to take advantage of my free time now.

Hope to see all those MIA posting in response to the challenge. And how about anyone who lurks. Come out, come out, whoever you are!

(62 miles closer to NJ)

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Good MONDAY morning!

I'm here and ready to start the week with healthy eating and exercise. This evening is my first time back at yogilates. Looking forward to some walking and light aerobics this much as the knees can take.

As a treat for my 5 lb loss, I bought 2 light sweaters this and pure white. Both on sale for a steal, and let's hope that I have to give them away by the end of the summer because they are too big. lol

MIAs, check in please.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Dee - good reward for your loss. I nearly forgot about your knee - you have been doing so much - please listen to it.

Marci - what a nice surprise have DD come home. That is a perfect gift for her graduation.

QOD - Does anyone have a firepit or chimenea? I want to get one for my deck, but want some input before I do it. There are so many choices out there.

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Checking in!

I started this Monday by eating right (so far) and drinking my water. If the weather cooperates and the rain holds off I will get some walking in this week. If not I have no reason not to dust off my walk away the pounds tapes.

Raeanne, Marci and Dee you are all doing great! Dee, that was a perfect reward for a terrific loss.

QOD: No, I don't have either but would love to have a chimenea. I would be very interested in the input also.

Have a great night----Donna

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Well hello. MIA checking in! Today was my last day of school. I do go in one day a week so the kiddos can come in and check out their summer reading. They are required to read and write about 2 books over the summer. :-)

I had to respond to the QOD: I have a chiminea. I have a big clay one and loved it the first season I used it. I had it out on my deck and lit it often. That winter I cleaned it all out and brought it in the house because I was afraid it would crack. I put it in my dining room with candles in it and it never made it back out on the deck. That was about 4 years ago. Whenever we have company I light the candles and it just makes great atmosphere. I may put it outside this year. Maybe. As far as a firepit, we have a natural one down by our pond. It is just in sand and DS built some bricks around and we just throw dead brush and stuff in it. When the pile gets big, it gets lit, we toast marshmallows and that is about it. Kind of fun!

I posted recently that I gave up dieting. Well that was short lived. I am going back to WW. Now that I am out of school I can go to the class that I really like. I am going to do it for the summer anyway to keep me honest and hopefully drop some pounds before I have to get my dress fitted sometime in August. DS wedding is in September, so I want to feel good.

My plans for the summer are to clean this pit that I live in. It really went down hill in this house over the past couple of months. Partly because I am well, lazy and partly because I knew that I would be giving it a good cleaning this summer, so I just kind of let things slide. There is not one room that I am happy about out of the 8 rooms and 2 bathrooms here. Bad feng shui here, really bad.

Not much else new. The bridal shower is in 2 weeks. I can't even believe how fast things are moving.

Hello to all of you. I will be more regular about my posting here. I find I have to just stay away from the computer at times because I can sit here for hours avoiding what I should be doing, like right now, cooking supper!

Love, Besh

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Another MIA checking in! :)

I am sorry that I haven't been here--just a lotta cr@p going on here, and I am just mentally tired from all of it.

Without being too long winded, the situation is this: my stupid 30yo BIL (who makes $8/hr(this becomes revelant later) that spends all his $$ on stupid sh!t (DVDs, CDs, PSPs, etc...) and still lives at home with mommie (who charges no rent, food, utilities, insurance, and bails him out of everything) has moved his ***married*** 35yo girlfriend into mom's house (b/c her kids were taken by CPS (b/c of neligect) and therefore she lost all of her Section 8, food stamps, Medicade and whatever else us taxpayers can fork over), and her hubby is in the hospital, and she can't work b/c she is soooooo stressed.... well, now she had to have a mastectomy, and has been diagnoed with bone cancer. So mom is taking her everywhere: to the doctors, hospitals, social workers, etc...., and now BIL is throwning a fit b/c he wants his mom to assume custody of the kids (who are 3 and 7, and extremely disabled b/c of drug abuse during pregnancy). This is the same ho that cheated on BIL with hubby # 2 (the daddy of kid # 2, and the one in the hospital from alcoholism) while she was still seeing BIL, and he knew that she was cheating. So, BIL that makes $8/ hr is looking at renting a $900/ month house and is asking mom to fork over $$$ to support them (my FIL is working about 72 hours a week to support everyone), and is throwning a fit over *that*. Now, it seems that they don't want to leave nirvana b/c they are living free, and eating great, and since the kids are in foster care, no responsibilities. Although, ho wants kids back, so they can all live with inlaws. (Insert much eye-rolling here)

Why do I care? I don't; I can't stand this ho--never have and never will. (There are no words to say how much I truly despise her.) is affecting my inlaws, and consequently, my DH. The inlaws are asking things from us that we can not give/ do. We're not capable at this point, and quite frankly, I feel that these 2 need to grow the $%$#@& up and stand up for themselves. I do feel for her cancer--I do. But that doesn't escuse anything else.

So that's where I've been. I try to stay of out it as much as possible, but MIL knows how I (well, *we*) feel, and yet she says she has no one else to talk to (she doesn't really, and I am trying to be supportive of her; we've come along way in the past several years), so I hear everything. And I am tired.

But, other than that drama, things are good here. My mom has found a gentleman friend (who is in his 80s, and an absolute joy!!) to go do things with, and I am so pleased for her. He's a riot, and I hope if I live that long, I will be like that! :)

I need to go back and read last weeks postings and catch up--



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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...lost an incredibly long post.............................EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

Need to calm down and try again later.

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Hello All,

Besh and Maddie, great to see you here at last!!

Maddie, in-laws, well? What can you say that you haven't already said!! LOL. I am glad things are well otherwise.

Marci, I try to do 10,000 steps per day but only get to that about 3 times a week right now. An average day is about 5,000-6,000. Still, it's a good motivator.

Besh, are you sick of this weather already!! ugh.

Donna the weather has really impeded my walking progress lately. If it's not raining it's way to hot and humid! Excuses, excuses. LOL

Raeanne, I have a chimenia that travels in my horse trailer to my campouts. I have been through four so far. My first two were the beautiful clay which I highly recommend if it's going to stay still but they did not travel well and I would only get one season out of it before it cracked. I then bought a beautiful copper chimenia which is really nice but it was too bulky to travel comfortable so it's retired to my deck. We love it and it adds ambience to any evening on the porch but at the camp it's really nice and quite functional because I can cook on it if I want to. I now have a Coleman road trip which looks kind of like a little charcol grill but it folds up into a carrying case! I can cook and use it for heat and while it's not as pretty as the clay or copper it's funcional and the fire is what the ambience is all about anyway. It was only around $80 vs the $200 + for the clay and $300 for the copper. Get one you won't regret it but if it's for your deck go with the clay they are so pretty and really throw and retain the heat the best BUT you can't all see the fire if there is a group around it - the copper model I have is better for that and throws plenty of heat.

Dee, I can't wait to see what your incredibly long post says as soon as you calm down!! LOL

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"Working on sewing, scrapbooking, and reading." I always envy your organization, Marci, and the way you take care of things. I guess I've given that up for other things, lol. Today, though, I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of my cute house mice without killing them. Two are white with pink eyes, two are gray, one is black, one is black and white and looks more like a pet mouse than a wild one, and I think there are some babies now. I saw a small brown one last night. If they'd stay at six and didn't stink and didn't chew the cords, I'd just call them pets, but ... They keep Heather entertained. She watches them for hours, catches them occasionally, then trots around with them for awhile and lets them go. I haven't seen her actually hurt any of them.

Mostly I'm eating as I need to, but yesterday, I tried some sugar-free lemon chiffon cookies and went overboard. Well... at least I confirmed I'm still a carb addict. Weight Watchers doesn't work for me unless I focus on low carb and lots of veggies. For example if I eat things like fruit and beans and nonfat milk and whole grain bread, I'll gain weight even if I stay within my point range.

Maddie - what can I say? Life is whacked sometimes and people are confused. /shrug. I've been having some rough weeks myself, but mostly because of people going through emotional pain, not being that stupid. Well, some are that stupid. That's really sad about the kids. That's sweet about your mom finding a gentleman friend. I think I'm going to live out my life as a loner, lol, though I do have some fairly intense internet connections.

DeeMarie - I'm typing mine and saving it as I go along in Outlook Express, for just that reason. I've lost many - too frustrating.

Well, life's a challenge, but interesting. My son is adjusting to his recent divorce and going through an emotionally hard time because he had invested himself so completely in making it work. It's hard for me to watch, but he's doing great - he's strong and creative and caring and smart, and doing well financially, too, and the girls are wonderful. The younger one celebrated her 10th birthday this last weekend.

So it's hurricane season again. Hopefully we'll have a peaceful season here. The weather is still beautiful, I can still hear the surf from the backyard, still have my illnesses, still painting and hanging in there.

So there's my check-in. :) Hi to everyone, take care all, and honestly, I think of you every day in one way or another, and still have pics and cards up around the house that various people have sent me, along with assorted gifts and tapes.

See you soon with more news

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Hi guys!

AMY!!!!!! Love it when you check in. Glad things are okay over there! I wonder what the Animal Talk books would say about your mousey friends....NHSuzanne? Raeanne? I gave mine to my painter---he was a very cool guy who will use the books more than I...

Maddie! Well, at least your're closer with your MIL! Look on the bright side! Those 2 are probably doing the best they can right now---it's possible they don't know any better, I guess...

Besh! I know what you mean about the bad feng shui. I have some organizing and purging to do in my garage---ALWAYS the garage!!!! I, too, am dieting again. I just started today. I had a limit of what I would gain and I hit it yesterday. The last class I took, along with finals, etc, put me over the edge of reason! Now I figure by the middle of November, I will be at my goal weight, if I don't falter---no kidding--the middle of November!!!! Sheesh!

I started my new classes yesterday. Meteorology--one student asked if we would be learning about meteors--?!?!?! - and Philosophy. Lots of reading, but not a lot of stress.

Did I say I started belly dancing? I hope it makes my "core" look better! LOL!

Nighty night to all my sistahs and my bro!

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Good Morning,

It is great to see some of the other MIA's checking in.

Amy, I had such a great visual of your cat playing catch with the mouse. My old cat used to do that outside. She used to let the mouse run away just enough to think it was free then she would slowly just put her paw on it and stop it, poke at it a little bit and then let it go again. Often times we would find dead ones, I guess they weren't as lucky! So good to hear from you.

Maddie, I have to agree with BJ. Some people just don't know any better. Working in a school, I hear lots of family stories and I really have to chalk it up to ignorance; and the trend continues. If you were raised that way, chances are you will do the same to your children, and so on. I know that it is hard to turn a blind eye to it when it effects your family directly. I hope everything else is going well for you.

BJ, whew. You don't slow down do you???? I love that about you. I wish I had a little bit of that. How did you make out having boys in the house? I laughed when I read that since I always have boys in the house. The night before last I had 4 of them sleeping in my sons room. And the older they get the more food and drink they consume! Yikes!

Suzanne, is this the worst summer ever!!! If it is not raining it is hot and humid. I think we had our best weather last winter. How are all those critters doing?

Marci, my sons future MIL and I have been making a scrapbook for the two kids. We had so many pictures of them that were similar (ie, wearing big boots; sitting in buckets; you know typical kid pictures) we decided to put together a book for them. She has all of the Creative Memories scrapbooking stuff. I am a newbie. It has been really fun doing and it is looking great.

Today I am shopping with my mom and sister. We are taking mom to find a dress for my sons wedding and then some lunch. I love hanging out with them, so I a looking forward to a good day.

Hello to everyone I missed. I have to get ready to go. Make it a great day!

Love, Besh

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Tikanis - I know it's not your birthday but I had the urge to wish you a "Happy Unbirthday".

Dee - how did the yogilates go?

Maddie - (((((HUGS)))) I have to agree with others and say that most people do what they know. But that doesn't make it any easier on the people that do know better. My heartbreaks for the innocent children. I don't think anyone whats to live like they do, they sound very lost to me. At the same time - it shouldn't become your problem! So I can only offer hugs and tell you to vent here as much as you need. I am so happy that your mom has a friend - that must be a big relief for you too.

Thanks for the firepit info. I am still a little undecided on which to go for, but I think the chimenea may work better on my deck, as it won't take up as much room.

Amy -it is always good to hear from you - don't be a stranger.

BJ - I will have to look up what mice mean. I don't think I have ever used that one before. You love a good challenge don't you? You're not even taking the summer off from school!

Besh - my bedroom closet is in real need of some feng shui. I can't find anything - I am a slob at heart, but I try not to let anyone see that part of me LOL. Sounds like you are going to have an exciting and fun summer ahead of you.

Another rainy day here and it isn't suppose to stop until tomorrow.

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couldn't find out anything on mice, but I came across a tricky little gopher.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic Gopher

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Finally a morning without rain. My flowers are getting water logged. Hopefully things will get a chance to dry out today.

Raeanne - That gopher is FREAKY! I know there must be an explanation, but I can't figure it out.

Amy - So good to hear from you. I am nothing, if not organized. Just in my nature I suppose. And I have always felt better having a plan. Whether it be short term or long term. My plan for this summer was to accomplish some constructive, but fun, projects that I had put off for too long. Scrapbooking and sewing just happen to be some of those projects. And no one ever has to twist my arm to read a good book.

I am listening to The Broker by John Grisham on tape right now. Not sure I like the readers voice. Surprisingly, the tone of the reader's voice is almost as important as the story itself. I just finished listening to Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. The reader was English and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every minute of his reading, which I am sure made the book all that more enjoyable.

Besh - If you are interested in scrapbooking, you might like the mini scrapbooks that I am working on. I think I posted one at Picture Trail that I did for a beach themed wedding. I am working on one for my neice's wedding now and one for my sister. Then I plan on starting one for my DD for her graduation. They are easy, fun to work on and can be finished in about 2 evenings. Let me know if you want more info. And I am sure your DS and future DIL will appreciate all the work you have put into their scrapbook.

DeeMarie - I finished Janet's latest, Twelve Sharp. I can send it your way if you are interested. How was yogilates?
You always go to such interesting classes.

Maddie - Your life is never dull, is it?! LOL Sometimes we just have to accept that we cannot control others actions. Your inlaws are probably being manipulated, but it is ultimately their decision. You can give your input but that is about it.

BJ - Good to have you back in the fold! Belly dancing huh? Can pole dancing be far behind? LOL DH and I just cleaned out our garage and what a difference it made. I love to get rid of useless stuff.

NHSuzanne - Now I feel better that I sometimes only get in 6,000 steps a day. The only days that I reach my 10,000 steps are the ones that I walk. I will be curious to wear my pedometer to preschool though. I can almost guarantee that I will reach 10,000 steps a day then.

Gotta run and take advantage of this nice weather. Think I'll wash my car and detail the inside.

(65 miles closer to NJ)

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Marci - I figured the trick out, but won't ruin it for anyone else. Email if you want to know LOL.

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Marci - I figured the trick out, but won't ruin it for anyone else. Email if you want to know LOL.

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Raeanne - Are you trying to tell me that you figured out the trick (double posting)! LOL Okay, I give. Email me before I waste another minute trying to solve it.

And forget what I posted about a day with no rain. Storms just moved through.............again!


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I figured it out! That darn gopher was driving me nuts! LOL

I will see if Raeanne's answer matches mine.

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OK, I tried the gopher and I really have to think about how he knew what I chose...right now I am too tired but will get on this tomorrow. Marci, I agree he was driving me nuts so I had to stop.

All of us in the northeast - yuck on this weather - if it's not raining it is very hot and very humid.

Will check in tomorrow!


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Hello Ladies,

Good to see you posting Amy and BJ.

Same ole same ole here right now. Muggy and hot still, its great bowling weather, but makes sleeping during the day very hard :( So ive been working on about 4 or 5 hours a day, and its taking its toll. Im off the next few days and Im hoping to catch up.

Im still lo carbing, but mainly to manage my diabetes not to lose weight. I really need to hit the gym to drop the last few pounds, but lack motivation... Im also looking for a part time job. I have every friday off and nobody else does, so I figure it would be a good way to make some extra cash and maybe meet some new people. Plus its a way to build the resume in new areas. Im trying to stay away from retail and fast food, so we will see.

Im enjoying everyones posts, keep it up!

take care


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Two words---pizza delivery, John. The tips are pretty great and you meet LOTS of people!

Or a movie theater---they'd love you! And you'd get to see Pirate of the Carribean as many times as you want.

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Hmm seeing how popcorn and pizza are the two carbs I miss the most, no way Jose!

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Okay, Borders, late shift or Barnes and Noble. Up here, the coffee crowd hangs out and the book store is full of people, right up till closing....

Love, José

Okay, I have a slightly sticky wicket that I'm going to need advice about. There is a fairly large group of school parents in my meighborhood who invite each other to social occasions (BBQs, holiday cocktails, cookie exchanges,etc.) I am included in this group. We've all had kids in the same school for about 5 years, so we get along and see each other alot.

Well, one of them is moving out of the country for 4 years, so last Saturday, I had a going-away party for her...I talked about it here. It was successful and people (including the guest of honor) stayed until midnight. last night, I received an email from 2 of the guests that attended the party I hosted. It was an evite to an (additional) going-away party that they've decided to have for the same person! The evite listed nearly every guest that I had invited, plus a few more.

What would you think? At first, it hurt my feelings. I felt like the party I gave wasn't good enough. But both of the girls hosting the "new" party stayed until midnight and were having fun. --Then I decided to not let myself be offended, since I'm pretty sure that particular intention wasn't involved.

Now, I know that the people I'm closer to in this group will be calling me, asking what's going on....

(Question #1) what response should I have?

As well, I'm torn between going or not going to this 2nd party. The ladies putting on the 2nd party are neighbors of mine and I see them often. They and I have good conversations and my kids babysit for them at least once a week. I'm feeling awkward about the entire thing.

(Question #2) Am I being weird about this for no reason?

(Question #3) How would you-guys handle it?

***In other news, I'm down 1.8 pounds today...the battle of the bulge begins! Har. Har. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Will food win? Stay tuned.

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Good morning,

BJ, I can understand you taking offense and feeling a little awkward about the second party. However, my first reaction to this was because you are all close and good friends why not have one more shindig before she leaves. It will be 4 years until you see her again, so maybe one more for the road, so to speak. You could maybe jokingly say to one of them "Did we have so much fun at the first party, that we are going to try again for some more", or something to that affect. It seems to me that if the hostess of the next party weren't having fun, she would not have stayed so late. I just think it is so hard to say goodbye, they just want to have another memory. I'm sure they had a great time at your house, and just want to do it one more time. Congratulations on the weight loss!

It is so humid today that everything in my house feels wet. Gross.

My mom found a dress. It is perfect for her and a perfect grandmother of the groom dress. She is so pretty and will look great. I had so much fun haning out with her and my sister.

John, how are your math skills? I know around here, parents are always looking for math tutors for their kids for the summer. They can make some decent money too.

OK Raeanne, I need to know the secret of the gopher. If I had more patience I may be able to figure it out, but I really don't want to spend that much time on it! Email me!

Have a great day. I'm off to bring DS to the gym and then some more shoveling out of this mess I am living in.

Love, Besh

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BJ, I totally agree with Besh. I think they just want to extend the time with her as long as they can. I do understand your initial response but don't read too much into it. Go to the party and have a blast. On a final note it might have been fun if those giving the second party let you know about it advance but I am sure that was just an honest ommission.

Okay Raeanne, I give. Email me at work!

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Hey, I'm here but have been tied up in MS Project classes for the last few days.

BJ, I think that everyone had so much fun that they wanted to extend the going-away festivities. Nothing more or less....just an extension of the fun. Go and have fun!

Gotta get back....will check in later or tomorrow.

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Happy Thursday!

Just got home from my mammogram. Now all my yearly tests have been run, and hopefully, results will be normal.

The eating has flown out the window this last week. But, I'm determined to start eating right as of this evening. I can always tell when I get lazy about drinking water because the eating seems to increase. Weird, but true!

BJ, I understand how you feel, but I have to agree with the others that your friends just want one more get-together before your friend leaves. Go and have fun. I wouldn't even mention it, just jump in and start enjoying the evening.

Besh, I need your snail mail address for your birthday box. I've sent you a couple of emails from my normal email address. Let me know here if you need me to send it to a different email address.

It's so hot here now, and not a drop of rain in sight. I'd gladly take a little of what some of y'all have been getting. If it weren't for having a pool, I doubt I'd get myself in gear to work out these days.

Well, I'm heading outside now. Take care!

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Hi all!

Beege--i think Besh is right--although, it does seem a bit odd. I suspect, though, that your bash was so fabulous, that they just want to have another one, but without the strain of you hosting again. (I need a good party! Dang, I wish someone would throw me one (wait--hhhhmmmmm.....mind clicking here....owww....*I* need to throw one...might hafta think about this one...))

Dee--I will dig up a trailer somewhere between here and French Lick if that's what it takes to get you here! LOL! It wasn't bad, but just what I had to do when I had to do it. Don't wanna go back, though!! LOL!

John--I have an interview on Weds. It's for a medical group, and I think it sounds good. And--it's right down the street from my old place, so I'd be able to see my old buds! Yeah! Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Well, on the inlaw front--MIL called me last night, ostentatiously to see how I was doing, but as soon as I stammered out "OK..." she cut me off to start the newest chapter of the continuing saga of ho-b@g (HB) and my BIL, 'ol dumb@ss (DA). I swear, everytime she gets on the phone, they are constantly interrupting us; it's like having 2 four year olds around (but you'd expect that from the kids). Where's this, where's that--he's splashing me (HB & DA were in the pool while MIL was on the deck). It was so bad that she finally hung up--FIL is on vacation this week and next, and he ended up cleaning out her old apartment since she needed to be out by today. Neither HB or DA helped, and they ended up renting her a storage unit, and piling her stuff in; it looks like she has moved in for good. And MIL said that the HB's kids will be up over the weekend, along with my other BIL from GA, his GF, her 2 DDs & his huge Lab. So, we have 6 adults (2 are questionable), 4 kids (none of who have met), 3 bigs dogs, and one grouchy cat, all staying in a 2 bedroom house. We're considering getting a tub of beer, lawn chairs, and selling admissions tix on the front lawn--this is gonna be good, b/c my middle BIL (who is fab, btw, and so is his GF) can't stand HB either, and has no qualms about letting his opinions be known.

You know, this is kinda like watching a train wreck--and while I know I can not change anything (nor is it my business or place), I hate to see what the stress is doing to my inlaws. (Yes, I know, MIL brought it on her self, but I think it just snowballed and ran over her.) I hear all of this cr@p b/c she says I'm the only one she can talk to, and since we've come so far (and it has been a giant struggle, folks), I hate to jepordize all the years of work and tongue-biting I have done to get here. Sigh--the proverbial rock and a hard place. (And being brutally honest with MIL won't work as she is very much aware of my thoughts and dislike, and yet she continues to yammer on about the morons.)

Well, we're doing a show this weekend, so we're be busy--what's everyoen else's plans?



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Hi Everyone,

Glad to see everyone posting! BJ, I agree with everyone else. I think they just want to prolong the fun, especially since you threw such a great bash AND won't see your friend for 4 long years.

I promise to check in over the weekend and post more.

Have a wonderful night!!!


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Maddie, I agree that you've come a long way with your MIL. Just remember that you cannot control the others; only your *reaction* to their antics. Keep an open, sympathetic ear. Roger will thank you for it.

I totally forgot what all the important items were in my long-lost post. I'm sure they were awe-inspiring! LOL

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi Guys!

I second the TGIF, DeeMarie!

Maddie, You certainly have your work cut out for you with your relatives. Perhaps you can take your BIL's GF's kids out for an activity while they are visiting. Kids love it when something is done especially for them and it would get you and Rog away from the drama. Besides, exposing those children to some 'normal' relationships (you and Rog) and some fun distractions will enrich their lives and you'll feel like a million bucks for doing it. Just a thought...I know you're busy with the biz tho'!

I'm going to Joshua, a massage therapist today. I have been working in the gym on weights and I overdid it. I was leg pressing 295 pounds and kinked my back. I have a rock climbing trip planned for the end of July in the Red Rock Canyon (near LV, NV). I'll need all the leg strength I can get! But now the doc says I can only do 80% of my ability from now on. Setback...but better then being injured!

Tikanas: I'll have my CA trip planned soon! THIS TIME, we're meeting!

Weekend Plans:

FRIDAY: Dinner here for a couple we've known for a long time.
SATURDAY: Clean my office (yeah, right) and dinner here for another couple we know and their twin boys!
SUNDAY: Going to my work out partner's house for halibut! This woman is a hoot! 66 and going really strong! She's the reason I get to the gym when I'm supposed to!

Oh!We're still having a heat wave here...and yesterday, a 3" pipe broke on the sprinkler system while I was gone! Water and mud EVERYWHERE! On the bright side, it's a good thing we're having a heat wave---'cause the yard absorbed a lot of the water. Can't wait to see the water bill this month---I'll hold my breath as I open it!

Milkdud: Thanks for the mamogram reminder---gotta schedule that for myself! Who called it a "Portrait of the Twins"????

PS: I rsvp'd to the party. I'm going. It's on the 9th. Thanks for all the input! You guys are great! It should be fun!

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Hello All,

Maddie, we can get Dee out to French Lick in my horse know how she loves animals!! Just kidding Dee I would rent a u-haul just for you!! LOL

I am tired from burning the candle at both ends. I have been up at 4 am and in the saddle by 5:15 in the morning and dragging myself into bed around 9. It's catching up with me! I must say that early morning is so nice and usually bug free except mosquitos. This morning we had a Barred Owl fly right in front of us and land in a tree where he/she sat and starred as if to say "what are you guys doing up this early?" A beautiful bird.

This weekend I have a graduation party on Saturday which will blow the whole day. Sunday the chicken coop MUST get finished. Monday I don't know but I am riding and Tuesda I am going on an early morning ride followed by a breakfast at a fellow hags house! I hope to get my girl in harness too some timet his weekend.

BJ. you need to slow down a little my friend!

I hope we all have great weather for the weekend. We have had so much rain that I am growing gills!

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OMG, would not want to see me near any animals! Not a pretty site, as I am nervous and uncomfortable. If I was on one of your horses, I would be screaming at her like a lunatic! No videos, please.

Amy & John, it's good to see you both posting. I've missed your stories and always imagine that you both must be lurking at the very least.

This weekend: I have absolutely nothing planned. DH insists that I do not invite anyone over for a BBQ because "it's someone else's turn". He is right, of course. I am always the one who asks everyone and you all know that even a small party can cost $300 in groceries by the time you are through. I'm actually looking forward to a quiet weekend with just the two of us.

Marci, I would love to read the book! Was in Barnes & Nobles last week and forgot to look for it. Thanks :-)

Gotta go finish a report so I can leave this office by 2pm for my hair appointment. Need a trim and hot oil treatment. In another week or two I'll be ready for another 3-hour marathon highlight job.

Make today count!

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BJ - Good for you. I would have felt a littled puzzled and/or miffed at first learning of the second party, but I wouldn't have let it interfere in friendships or my participation. And maybe they (the hosts) had wanted to throw a party but hadn't acted on it before they found out you were giving a party. Just a thought.

NHSuzanne - shhhh .............don't mention the "R" word.......... rain! The weather forecast doesen't include the "R" word for a few days! I think of you on my early morning walks, although my scenery surely isn't as picturesque as yours. And I usually only have neighborhood dogs barking at me, not owls hooting. LOL

Milkdud - I always schedule my routine maintence appts. during the summer too. Unfortunately, I had to add a colonocsopy to that list. Had one when I turned 50 and they found a precancerous polyp, so now I have to have them done every 3 years. Looking forward to that...NOT!

I have a bridal shower tomorrow and also promised the groom's mother I would go to our local wallpaper store and pick up some wallpaper books. They get rid of old books on the first of each month, and she would like them for scrapbooking. I need some for preschool and scrapbooking. Since she is busy with the shower, I told her I would pick them up. Need to be there when the store opens, or I won't get a good selection.

Sunday I am going to my sister's for a 4th of July picnic/birthday party for my DH, DB and DBIL. All I have to take is a fruit salad.

DH has to work on the 4th, so it will be just like any other day for me. I miss the days of taking the kids to see fireworks. Although I am not a huge fan of fireworks, I loved to see the amazement on the kids faces.

I am in the middle of helping DH do some trim work on the car. He says I have a future in the business! LOL

Gotta run,
(71 miles closer to NJ)

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Marci - I checked out your mini-scrapbook, it is beautiful. I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to ruin it with any photos, etc LOL. You have a real talent. Or you can go into restoring cars with your DH - it's nice to have options.

BJ - glad you decided to accept the invite. I am sure it isn't anything personal. I bet from your psych classes you are now over analyzing situations LOL. Anyhow, I am sure your party was much better than this one will be - did I just say that out loud???

Suzanne - I haven't seen an owl out in the wild for a couple years - you are so lucky. It's an entirely different world out there at that time of the day.

Dee - I agree, it is someone elses turn LOL - if we were closer I would say it was my turn and you could come over.

Maddie - hang in there. Just remember you have come a long way baby and no one is going to ruin it for you now. You really have worked hard on your relationship with your MIL - so don't let all that work go down the drain - not over this! Just be thankful that you and Rog can go home to a sane home.

QOD - I plan on getting out on the lake as much as possible, DDs will be home and friends will be up. I have to work Saturday and Monday, but I will find time to play.
We have 2 parties we were invited too, but haven't committed to either one - I like to keep my options opened sometimes LOL.

We did get a firepit and I plan on sitting around that this weekend too.

Have a good one!

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rabbit - rabbit

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rabbit - rabbit from Texas!

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rabbit, rabbit from NY

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Dust BUNNIES! from Washington!

Hi guys!

Well, the couple we had over for dinner last night arrived 1/2 hour late and were quarreling and complaining about each other most of the night...short version is he's having a midlife and decided to stop working and forgot to tell her---! Now they'll have to sell their house (a villa, really) and downsize. She is SO mad at him---uh, I can see why. But it saddens us to see this happen. He says she works too much and he is lonely now that he's not working. We just listened and didn't offer advice. It seemed better that way.

Anyway...we've having another couple over tonight and the wife just called and said they are haing problems too! He thinks she is too immersed with the children and her work and is not paying enough attention to him. We'll see how tonight's dinner goes....!

DeeMarie~ I know what you mean about the cost of dinners. But it seems like everyone is so busy that if I don't have dinners, I'll never see my friends! :) I don't do the lavish thing any more, just low-key, but yummy foods and I am practicing with making appealing and attractive food presentations! Chives, rosemary, tomaotes, and red peppers are my friends there! It's pretty fun! BTW, how's your hair?

AMY!!! I talked to a guy at the feed store and they have some cool, animal-friendly live-catch mousey traps. I'm picking a couple of on Monday and will get them in the mail to you on Monday afternoon. The guy there said peanut butter works well to lure them in to the "hotel." Then you can take the traps outside, away from your place, and set them free---unharmed!

Raeanne~ Glad you got a firepit. I want one too! But I'll wait until we move to the island in 2008. Chimineas are very good to use around here because of all the rain---they crack when you use them when they're wet. Bah.

Well, I guess that's all for me...for now...

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Message to

Don't bother stopping by here. Thanks, we're good.


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BJ - you were so smart to offer NO advice. We went through the same exact thing last year with 2 couples. It is hard, but stay out of it and just let them know you are available to LISTEN. We are having our first fire tonight. It is all set up and ready to go.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Happy Saturday!

Really too late but rabbit rabbit from NJ!

BJ - I agree it was wise not to offer advice but I also know, for me, how difficult that is. Did I miss something?? Who is GW mandrake mm?

Raeanne - you did get your fire pit! Cool!

It looks like I just may get my 4 day weekend after all since our fearless state leaders have not agreed upon a budget and our governor has shut down all nonessential services - translates for me no jury duty on Monday. I will have to call tomorrow night to confirm but so far it looks that way.

Glad so see so many posting. Milkdud, I have missed you.

Will check in later - enjoy your Saturday evening!!


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Good, sunny (supposed to be in the upper 70's here today), SUNDAY morning!

Donna, has been tacking advertising messages on many of the Diet Chat forums. I just didn't want him stopping off

Well, last night's dinner was much more enjoyable. The couple brought their twin boys and we all had a wonderful time; they left around midnight. I cleaned everything up this morning---too tired last night!

Today, I have a TON of homework to do! Laundry too!

Then going over to a friend's house for halibut. Hope it's BBQ'd or baked, but NOT fried!

Raeanne~ Have a great fire! You'll soon be addicted to the fire pit...its flames will dance and its warmth will enchant you...

See you guys tomorrow!

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Rabbit, Rabbit #2 from New Jersey!

Not much new here; spent most of Saturday in car running errands upon errands. Today DH and I spent most of it in our yard, tidying up and enjoying it.

Gonna grill tonight...I've got a pork tenderloin marinating, using a recipe I clipped off foodtv. It's an asian thing with soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar, ginger, etc. Gonna make brown rice flavored with stock, carmelized chopped onions and a bit of soy to pick up flavor of meat. Also grilling corn. Will make a green salad with fresh herbs out of my garden to round it out. Later tonight we are meeting my niece and our friends' DD at Rita's for Italian Ice (I get the sugar-free version which is yummy!)

The rest of the holiday should be uneventful, but you never know who might call!

BJ, you and DH were right to sit and listen. I'm sure your ears are ringing today while they discuss their behaviour in front of you. I've got to agree that I would be less than pleased if DH quit working and 'forgot' to tell me!!!!!!!!!!

Marci, getting some more walking in this week so I should be a total of 24 miles closer to PA!

Joanne, are you there? I've been thinking about you lately (used your cookbook that you sent me awhile ago!)

Hello to all I've missed here.
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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