Why is My Phone Cord always Twisted

bob_41September 7, 2002

Don't tell me I'm going in circles. I already know that.

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Then don't ask why and just get yourself a good cordless.

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There are little devices which you can plug in on one of the ends of the receiver cord to keep phone cord untwisted. Go to the phone shops or office supply.

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a quick fix is to unhook the cord from the phone and let the receiver dangle....it will untagle itself...

eletronics stores sell an extender which plugs into the receiver; this allows the cord to turn in circular motions and prevents the twisties...this might help also...

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"For any action, there is an equal and opposite twisting of the phone cord." Newton's 3d Law I think.


But hardly a household disaster!


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I asked "Why is My Phone Cord always Twisted?" from about 1956 until about 1994.

Then I went to WalMart and got a splitter and a cordless. My phone with the twisted cord sits here on the shelf above me with its dust gathering twisted cord still twisted since April 1994. I have used the cordless since April 1994.

Phone cords have always been annoying. Period!

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They were probably invented by the same moron who decided the Slinky was such a wonderful toy.

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There would be no problem if an equal number of users were left and right handed..

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I have always wondered myself why they tangle. I can't see handedness doing it as I and wife pick it up in the right hand and lay it back down the same way. Any twisting coming up should reverse going back down. Ah well, we now have a swivel on it.

Harry K

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I think there are human factors. I have been sharing an office with a lady for almost two years. We have identical Rolm (IBM) telephones on our desks. Her cord became hopelessly tangled and twisted, so she ordered another one. A month later, her brand-new phone cord is twisted and tangled again. My identical 2+ year-old cord doesn't have a single twist in it. Weird! If I come in early enough tomorrow morning, I will take pics with my digital camera and share. LOL

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I know how it happens! Just tried this on my office phone:

Pick up phone with one hand. Talk for a minute. Need to reach for pen. Change ears. Continue talking, hang up with the opposite hand you pick up with. The phone has done a 360!

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I have a cordless but now my headphone wire is all twisted.

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AND THE PRIZE GOES TO "mystich" !!!!! for solving the riddle.

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Cheer up...it could be worse, and you could be like me....I have a phone and a 48 line console...two headsets and the accompanying control boxes, and the cords are always fouled up!!!! Story of my twisted life!!!!!

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I agree phone cords are annoying. Yes you can get the "cord handler" as we call it at the phone co from a radio shack or hardware store or office supply store. its a plug that allows the cord to rotate and not twist up on you.
BUT what scares me most is the dependency of the american public on cordless phones. I work at the phone company. You cannot go to your phone service box (also known as demarcation point or dmark or nid or network interface device) and check for dial tone with a cordless phone.
Ever since Judge Green decided that Bell and AT&T needed to be split you need to be able to access that box with a regular, CORDED phone.
Also what scares me even more is all the young families, elderly , sick folks, single women, all those living alone who do not own a CORDED phone.
In this day and age, with all kinds of terrorism, natural disasters and wacko people who drive into telephone polls; you have to anticipate a power outage. Some cordless phones have a 2 hour backup, then what? Some say to me (I work in repair), "well I have a cell phone", well after that dies, then what?
If you hate your CORDED phone, hey I don't agree but I UNDERSTAND. Put it in the closet or a drawer and tell everyone in the home where it is located. But FOLKS PLEASE LISTEN, buy a regular phone and keep it available. When you call repair we are going to ask you to go to the phone box, and you are going to need to have that phone.
Also don't make me worry about power outages and people who need 911 and their cordless phone is dead, I will stay awake all night worrying. Be well and keep that Sports Illustrated Football phone in the hall closet, DO IT FOR ME!!! Also a cordless phone is not secure. I get calls from customers all the time that their neighbors are evesdropping on their phone calls. Its so easy to listen to cordless phone traffic. Yes there is security on the phone, and channels to change the frequency ever so slightly, BUT ultimately the conversation can be heard by anyone who knows how and really wants to. I have had hundreds of calls from women saying "this guy basically knew all my stuff, he has to be listening in on my phone calls" and I say 2 things, get a corded phone and call the police.
I don't want any of you to be paranoid but be prudent and stay safe.

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I believe it to be a reflection of the user's personality. ;-)

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Hi my name is J.C and when I had cancer I invented a device that will keep your phone cord from tangling. I was in intensive care with 7 intravenous in my arm and I try to make a phone call and the phone fell to the floor. I was in ICU for 12 days by, the time I got out I solved the problem and today I have a patent pending. You can read my store on my website (About Us).
Thank you JC
J.C. Alfarone

Here is a link that might be useful: www.phonecorduntangler

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*waves to J.C.* I remember seeing you on Jay Leno!

To the original poster.

I have had my pressure relief valve on my new $5,000 dollar boiler blow off spilling hundreds of gallons of water between my garage and house concrete slabs.... causing approx. $25,000 dollars of damages.

I was so relieved to read your post. Of course knowing you are having such a disaster doesn't exactly relieve me of my stress. But it does give me hope. If you can survive your misery..... perhaps I will too.

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