Solar pool deck

laffterApril 24, 2006

On the scale that runs from 'gimick' to 'brilliant idea', what do you think of this solar pool deck for an above-ground pool?

Thanks for any input, suggestions, alternatives. We are not do-it-ourselves-ers.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fanta-Sea solar pool deck

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I have never used that product although I do have roof mounted solar panels (which I opened for the summer just yesterday). Couple of thoughts:

Any solar panel has to be exposed to full sun for as much of the hot part of the day as possible. Will the pool deck be in full sun for most of the day or will you shae it with furniture, a lounger, people, towels, pool toys etc.?

Pool water coursing through a solar panel will keep that panel (even if it's a deck) at the temperature of the pool water. In very hot and sunny parts of the country that may make the deck more comfortable.

The heat generated by a solar panel is directly proportional to its size. How much heat will the deck generate and is sufficient to heat the pool?

A solar pool deck seems a good idea but I suspect it's a fairly costly way of generating heat although it should be acknowledged that you would spend something on a deck anyways.

How durable is the product? Solar panels can and do deteriorate, particualrly due to freeze damage. It would be interesting to hear from an owner/user of this product.

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Gary and Prez,
Thanks for the insight. I can see how you would want to build your own deck with enough buffer to keep the fencing from shading the panels. Something to think about. And siting the pool probably more important, heat-wise, than it would be with roof panels. My biggest concerns are a.) cost and b.) will the pool be warm I live in upper NY state and I sure would like to extend the season as long as possible.

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I think putting the solar panels in the deck is ingenious! I saw this pool contractor's site and was really intrigued. I don't know that it would work in anything but a tropical zone, though. We are about to build a pool and would love anybody's opinion on it.

Notice the tennis court heater too. What a great idea! I bet it keeps the court cooler too.


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I had a neighbor that did it with his asphalt driveway to produce domestic hot water. Tubing, sensor, pump and relay with heat exchanger was all it took to get near endless hot water.

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Depends of course on where you live, how much you use your pool and how warm you want it to be. I'd guess that a solar cover should be your first choice. Second, how expensive would it be to have a solar deck as compared with solar collectors on your roof considering that roof connectors will probably collect more heat per area. Same goes for other collectors aimed at sun. Environmentally speaking, could you use that money for more payback; like for insulation or a more efficient pump, filter or vehicle?

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