removing bird poop from canvas

pepper24September 14, 2009

Help! I was trying to remove spots of bird poop from my outside porch furniture- not only did I not remove the poo,

but now I have dark spots where i tried to clean. Any suggestions would be most appreciated- They are not removable and are a light tan in color. I first used spray N wash , then tried to clean with shampoo no luck- Then I spoted the stains with Tide.

way to much soap!

Also I have a white residue behind and around kithen Faucet on brown silestone countertop- tried vinegar to remove did not work!! Thanks Pepper

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You might have set the stain. When this happens to me I scrap off the dried stuff, hose and hose the spot down. If that doesn't do it I use the plain blue Dawn Dish soap (doesn't hurt the lawn) and a scrub brush then hose it down again.

The birds in my area have access to berries so their poop is always colorful. Other than sun fading my 7 year old lawn furniture still looks like new.

For the residue, you should start a new subject.

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