water leak between walls

scum1September 22, 2006

I just discovered a leak in my attic from a plugged drain line. It was the line the ac system drained in. Water ran down between the walls of the second floor and leaked out the downstairs ceiling right by the ac vent. I have no damage on the walls where the water drained inside and will have the line unplugged by this afternoon. My question now is what next? Will holes have to be cut in the walls to dry it out inside? I don't want to file a claim since we all know how water damage claims can get you blackballed by insurance companies now days. Any thoughts on what I shold do?

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If you do not have any aint damage on the inside walls, probably nothing.
Even if mold grows it will quickly die once the source of moisture is removed, and spores in a closed stud cavity are not going to move.

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That is what I was thinking. I am showing no damage on the walls at all. No stains or anything. I only have a little staining on the ceiling where the water dripped out by the ac vent. I'm going to run the ac low for a few days in order to keep the air dry in the house.

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