The MOST practical lamp for when the power goes out!

mjseeSeptember 20, 2003

Isabel tested! I am buying two more of these (we already HAVE two) as soon as SLowes gets them back in stock. They are bright enough to read (or Gameboy) by--and saved my sanity the last two days...but now the power is back on, DH has returned from his business trip--(How much milage can I get from the fact that he was in CA during this hurricane?) and I am shilling for Eveready.

It's called the "Energizer® Illumifold Lantern Folding Fluorescent

Model #FL450BP" and I will include a link.


Here is a link that might be useful: cool light!

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I'll Bump this down

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My favorite has always been a very large oil lamp. I keep it filled and I know all I need is a match. Sure, they smell funny, but I know it will always work, isn't in need of recharging when I need it. And they usually are enough light to read by.

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