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Tikanas2June 12, 2006

Wake up!! Let's Roll!

Here it is a brand new week. What does everybody have planned?

I'm off to the gym. Back later to catch up!


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Good Morning Everyone,

Tikanas, how was the gym? I miss being able to go. Our little gym here has got outragous in pricing for what little they have. I love my Firm workouts, but I miss the interaction with other people. I would love to know what it is like to go to a Bob's or Gold's Gym. Heck even a YMCA. We have nothing like that around here. The closest is an hour away.

This weekend was a blur. Took Erica to a church an hour away yesterday so she could sing for their revival. She did a terrific job.

I challenge everyone to eat right, drink their water, and exercise at least 3 times this week. (Maybe this will help me!)

Better run, Have a great week!


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Good MONDAY Morning!

Thanks for getting us started, Tikanas.

QOD: I'm going to give away 4 science scholarships this evening on behalf of my corporation. Really proud of that. Tomorrow evening our financial planners sit down with DH and I to go over our decisions regarding retirement savings (need to move funds around as I will have to work until I'm 80 at this rate or return!). Thursday night is dinner with the girls in Manhattan. Friday night my sister comes up to spend a long weekend with me while we spruce up the house our parents left us (and our "long-story" siblings).

Jen, I walked about a mile this morning. Just walked over to the water cooler to fill up my 32 oz Eddie Bauer jug. I may take the hour pilates class at our corporate fitness center before I leave for the high school for scholarships. Plan to walk about a mile each morning this week, if my knees hold me up. Lots of low-fat, low sodium meals planned for this week. I think that's about enough sacrifice, huh? Maybe I'll get DH to take me to Rita's for a sugar-free ice on Wednesday night.

Let's all take Jen's challenge this week!

Calling all MIA's: Check in please or I will ask Marci (haha) to walk to everyone's home and personally wake you up!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Jen - I am off to a good start. I walked yesterday and this morning. I am trying to walk 3 miles at least 4 days a week and so far so good.

I am running errands later then going to a friends house to work on some mini scrapbooks. We have fun doing it and seem to inspire each other. Two heads are better than one.

It has been chilly these past few mornings. I had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt most of yesterday and had to wear a jacket on my walk this morning. This is JUNE isn't it? LOL

Raeanne - I hope the memorial service went well. Been thinking about you all weekend.

Tikanas - Hope you have a good workout.

I went off my eating plan this weekend, so my immediate goal is to get back on track.

(41 miles closer to NJ - Donna, I am "walking" to DeeMarie's house.)

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Good Monday to you all,

Raeanne, I hope things went well this weekend for you.

Tikanis, WTG on the 3#'s! Keep on trucking!

Jen, I live in a town like you describe. The nearest large gym is almost an hour away and the small gym is really pricey. I wish we had a Bally's here they seem like great gyms. We have a Curves but I didn't care for it as it was boring.

Dee, thanks for your package! I was afraid to take one remembering how awful they taste but it was really, really good! Dee sent me some Tums to try out - her company makes them! They are a good, and good tasting calcium supplement. SOunds like you have a busy, and fun week ahead.

When I took the Simple Steps Weight program at my gym earlier this year they kept track of my steps on the pedometer and in the 10 week program I walked the equivalent of 227 miles! The pedometer is very motivating to me and I wear mine every day. They are only about $25.

Maddie, I hope you get a job at French Lick. Then we will all really have to plan an outing there!! What fun we could have. We should really try to put that together someday.

Jen, I am taking your challenge this week! I walked for 45 minutes at lunch today! What is in and I have exceed my daily quota already. sigh..............I have to keep going.

The sun finally returned yesterday but it was cold and windy! It was more like fall. Today is lovely and of course I am working! I hope to get a ride in this evening. I have been mesmerized by my chicks and spent a good part of the weekend playing with them. I want friendly chickens so I am handling them alot. I have five that will run right over and jump in my hand right now! I have a couple in particular that will let me take them away from the flock and hold them for a long time while they sleep in the palm of my hands. It's so sweet. One of them sat with me while Blue, my elder Siamese, sat on my lap. I put the chick on his back and neither could have cared less! It's too cute and I wish I could get a picture but it's hard to hold the chick and camera at the same time. I am working on it.

I am calling all MIA's too. Check in with us!

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I am off to CA tomorrow to begin wedding week for my DS. Hopefully I will be in more often after the wedding. Wish me luck and hope that my waterproof mascara holds through the ceremony!


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[[[[[[[[[Gretchen]]]]]]]]]]]] have fun! Best wishes to the bride and groom!

We need some MIAs to check in.

Just had my breakfast and it was awesome.....ff, sf vanilla yogurt with sugar-free homemade baked apple. There should be a law against this one. Less than 3 WW points.

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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers - they have been a real source of comfort. The weekend was tough, but it was great to be with all my brothers and sisters (all 7 of us) I see most of them often, but hardly ever all at once.

I am back and ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle. I will not report the foods that have entered this body in the past week.

We purchased an elliptical so now I have absolutely no excuse not to exercise on the days I don't go to the trainer. Let's see if this helps! What I really love about having it is that DH is now getting some cardio.

Gretchen- don't forget pictures - we need to see pictures LOL. Have a great time and know that best wishes are being sent.

Maddie - French Lick had sent me an email a few months ago telling about their renovations - it sounds beautiful. I think we should all try once again to meet there.

Suzanne - what a beautiful picture you painted for us with your siamese and baby chick.

Marci - at the rate you are going, I expect you to pick up Dee and head up to me LOL.

Jen - I am up to the challenge - thanks for putting it out there.

Tikanis - are you still buying that kayak? The rain has finally stopped around here, but I had to be in work an hour earlier, so no kayaking for me today.

Make the most of your day!

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning!

It's good to see you back, Raeanne. We missed you. A large family can be a real source of comfort during difficult times.

My knee is beginning to feel better enough to take you on Raeanne. Marci and I should make it up to you by this time next year (unless I slow Marci down!) She'll be down to 50lbs if she has to do all that walking herself. Marci, I'm another 2 miles closer. Steady as she goes!

Made some major decisions about my retirement income last evening with a financial advisor. Took me a few years of interviewing them to find the group I trust. We had to take a realistic look at the fact that our money was not working as hard as we do, so diversity is in order. I also upped my percentage of pay going into the 401K. Hey, if I don't see it, I can't spend it!

QOD: If you care to share, how have you planned for retirement? Roth IRAs, Pensions at work, counting on social security?

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning,

How is the challenge going? So far, I am on a roll. With Erica being in Bible School this week, it has given Tara and I time for 90 minute walks. That on top of doing my Gazelle for 30 minute over lunch and a Firm tape as soon as I get home. Maybe the scales will be good to me on Sunday. My eating is on the mark so we will see.

Gretchen, Have a great time at the wedding. We want pics.

DeeMarie, my company matches 10% of my salary for retirement. I really haven't planned past that. I probably should.

Raeanne, I would love to have an elliptical. DH thinks I have Enough unused exercise equipment though! LOL!! I do love my Gazelle. That is the one piece I have bought that I use a lot.

NHSuzanne, Your lucky. We don't even have a curves!

Tikanas, Where'd you go? Miss ya!

Marci, How long does it take you to walk 3-4 miles? My pedometer on the stroller quit working so I have no idea how far we have gone.

Better run. Have a great day.


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Good Morning!

Jen - If I am walking at a good clip, I do a 15 min. mile. I drove the route in my car and mapped out my 3 miles as I don't trust my pedometer to be exact. If I am walking a little slower, it takes me about 50-55 minutes to go the three miles.

DD is home for a week and we have been busy just doing Mom/daughter stuff. Today we are going to look at cell phone plans for her, as her 2 year contract with Cingular is up and I want to get the phone put in her name. I have paid the bill long enough!

My feet were sore this morning, so I skipped my walk, but I am still averaging 4-5 days a week so I am happy.

Dee and Raeanne - Dee can meet me halfway and we can head north to NY. We might be there by Christmas! LOL

QOD - Railroad retirement, annuities, various investments and Roth IRAs. According to financial advisor, we are on track.

Gotta run and finish a load of laundry before DD and I head out.

Marci (44 miles closer to NJ)

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Hi Everyone,

((Raeanne, glad to see you))

I am SO ready to get back to counting my points and doing some kind of exercise. I have been very bad for way too long. Maybe I can meet up with Marci and Dee - I will start heading northwest now - I might get to Trenton by Christmas (I am an optimist)!

I was glad to see Gretchen again! I know I have been MIA but where are the others - Milkdud, Patti, BJ, John, Besh??

Have a great night!!

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Hi, Donna! I'm here! Just been resting up from the first wave of summer visitors.

My eating has improved a lot lately. I've been doing more vegetarian casseroles, fresh veggies, and fruits. Lots of fiber. I've also started working out in the pool daily. My knee is loving it! I can go up and down the porch step now without holding on to the sidewall of the porch! I can definitely tell that the exercises are helping immensely.

QOD: Roth IRA's and mutual funds, plus semi-annual visits to our financial advisor to update our investments.

Jen, I'm so impressed that you can walk that long daily! I don't think I could go that far even when I was in wonderful shape!

Raeanne, very cool about the elliptical! I have a recumbent bike which I love.

Marci, I hope you're having a wonderful visit with your DD!

Dee, happy to hear that your knee is starting to feel better. We don't know how much we need those knees till they go out on us!

Suzanne, I envy you all your wonderful animals. You're going to have the friendliest chickens ever the way you're going!

Tikanas, are you still going strong at the gym?

Well, I've typed a lot. Take care!

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Take care of yourself.

Since I started walking again, I am 8 miles closer to Marci!

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Good Morning!

Donna - Put on your walking shoes and join Dee and I. We will have a caravan soon if we keep adding new walkers!

Raeanne - How many extra bedrooms to you have ? LOL

QOD - Since DD and I couldn't decide which cell phone company to go with, I need some help. Which cell phone provider do you use, what is your monthly rate (if that isn't too personal), what do you consider a fair amount of free monthly minutes, and how often do you lose service?

We are heading out again this afternoon to finish what we didn't get done yesterday. DH is going to a Pirate game tonight with a college friend, so DD and I are going out to dinner after we are done shopping. I am going to need a rest after her visit! LOL

Milkdud - I am so glad that your knee is on the mend. I know when my plantar faciitis is acting up, I am miserable. We do take our mobility for granted until we lose it. I am enjoying DD's visit. I miss my kids so much and really enjoy having one or both of them around.

Make the most of your day,
(47 miles closer to DeeMarie "and Raeanne>)

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A quick check in....

I have been MIA since Monday. Had a computer crash and ended up buying a whole new system! I will try to catch up tomorrow.

Raeanne, what is mercury up to?????
Just this week I have had plumbing problems, a broken garbage disposal, a leaky radiator, squealing brakes and a computer crash! Tell me this is not happening AGAIN!!

Back tomorow,


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Morning everyone,

Tikanas ~ ((((HUGS))))Why does it seem like everything goes to pot at once? The beginning of last year was like that for us. Computer, dishwasher, stove, treadmill, gas grill, DS vehicle, and air conditioner just to name a few.

milkdud ~ I am so glad your knee is doing so well. I wonder how Debbie is doing with hers

Marci ~ we have Verizon which is paid for by DH business. I can't answer your questions because I hardly ever turn mine on except to call DH or DS or if I know someone will be getting in touch with me like Maddie on her trip down from Canada

Jen ~ I am more diligent and organized about exercising in the winter, but try to get in 6 days of some type of movement this time of year. This morning I went and picked 24 quarts of strawberries and am playing tennis tonight.

QOD i.e DH & my retirement ~ Roth IRA, Mutual Funds, KEOGH Plan, 401 K from my work, investment properties and a trust fund left to me by my father.

Raeanne ~ What brand of eleptical did you get? I told DH I'd like an eleptical for our anniversary so there maybe one in my future yet....LOL

Have a nice weekend everyone

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QOD 1: DH already gets a pension from his stint with the NYC Dept of Sanitation, Roth IRA, mutual funds and paying down the mortgage with the hopes of a lot of appreciation from house, I am also counting on my kids taking care of me LOL.

QOD 2: Verizon, 2 free phones, $69/month, 500 free minutes. I think they now offer 700 free minutes. We have Verizon because it is what works best by us and our kids have verizon and we can talk free to any other verizon user.

Zig - it is a SOLE elliptical I think the model is E25.

Tikanis - sorry but mercury isn't retrograde until 7/4. Sounds like you got it over with ahead of time - so sit back and enjoy while the rest of the world is breaking down LOL.

Marci - I can always make room for my SS buddies. I don't walk as much as I used to with going to the trainer 3 times a week. But when I do the elliptical I will log it in and try to meet up with you and Dee, maybe you can pick up Donna on your way to Dee.

Milkdud - the pool is the best exercise for your knee - I'm glad you are doing so well. Your diet sounds great too - keep up the good work.

Jen - I really have no other exercise equipement except for a step and DH has his weight machine that I don't even know how to use LOL. I do enough of that with the trainer anyhow. I am doing well with the challenge, not 100% with eating, but getting there.

It is raining here today, but the sun looks like it is trying to break through.

Have a great weekend!

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FINALLY! a computer that works!

I have so much catching up to do! I am down another 2 lbs this week! I have taken Jen's challenge to heart and exercised 6/7 days this past week.

Jen, I am only doing Curves right now till the knee is better, but I have a goal set for myself to switch to a regular gym by November. I love the emails you send We are on the same page.

DeeMarie how wonderful to present those scholarships! I think that must have been awesome. I am glad that your knee is doing better.

NH Suzanne, I love the word pictures that you paint. I will say it again; you should submit some of your thoughts, adventures, musings to a nature magazine. I'll bet you would be published in an instant! I named my Burmese cat Blue, many a moon ago. How did you pick that name?

Hey Marci, wait up!! I'll have to walk VERY fast to meet up with you, DeeMarie and Raeanne!

Hi Milkdud! Glad that knee is on the mend. Veggies are a good thing! Heard from Patti lately?

Hey Zig!! How are ya??

Raeanne, yes, I am still planning on buying a kayak. I am still in hopes of winning one on Paddling net. Ha ha! I enter that darn contest every day... I am going to use that kayak as a reward for reaching my fitness goals.
What??? I can't blame Mercury?? Oy vey...

Qod: (I am SO behind) Location, location, location! aka equity / rent from property investment via a self directed IRA and profits/eventual royalties from my growing business.

Qod: I have Verizon too. I would love to talk with any of you who do too. How nice if we could get to know eachother better for free!

Donna, where are you? Where are all of the other MIAS? Seems to me that BJ's class should be about over... John? Besh? Maddie? Amy? Patti? Hard to type with cat sitting on keyboard...


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Happy Father's Day!

Tikanas - I am still around! I am actually thinking of going to Curves - I started counting my points again this morning and really, really need to incorporate some exercise in this.

QOD #1: I have a 401k and pension through my employer.

QOD #2: Verizon

Enjoy your Sunday!!


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