Very Strange

mobinil1July 4, 2008

Hello everybody

Something very strange has happened to me. I have- in my bedroom- a TV, a VCR, a DVD player, & a decoder. I was taping something on the VCR and once I was done, I turned everything off, went to work, and then when I came back, I tried to play the program I taped, and the VCR started acting up, it would not respond to anything I do - it does not play, rewind or forward. I thought ok, let me watch the satellite, again the decoder is not responding to anything I do, it does not change channels or even turn off..etc, I then tried the TV, again it would not respond to anything I do. It is as if there is a magnetic field or something that is blocking the remote controls way. My mother has the same decoder so I took the remote & went to her room & the decoder worked fine with my remote control. I have a Wireless Remote Extender in my room so I thought maybe that is the cause of my problems, I unplugged it, then unplugged all equipment for more than 5 hours, then I plugged everything back except for the Wireless Remote Extender, and the remote of the decoder worked fine, but not the TV's & the VCR's. Yesterday, even the decoder's remote stopped working again. Any thoughts?

Thanks a million

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If you walk right up to these devices and press the Power Button, and Play Buttons, will that work ?

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Thanks a million for getting back to me.
Yes, they do

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Have you tried changing the batteries in the remote?

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